Red Bulls blow it, lose to W. Connection to bow out of CCL

Posted on 06 August 2009 by Nathaniel E. Baker

The New York Red Bulls’ best, last chance to make something of their season went down in flames at Giants Stadium Wednesday night. Despite a positive 2-2 result from the first leg, and even though they took a 1-0 lead in the 19th minute of the return leg, the team just couldn’t get it done. Instead, New York pulled one of its typical self destruction acts in the waning minutes of the first half, yielding a pair of goals after falling asleep at the switch. The second goal was undoubtedly the more infuriating of the two, coming as a result of a Kevin Goldthwaite brainfart in stoppage time. The second half saw no goals and the Red Bulls ended up on the wrong end of a 2-1 final score (4-3 in aggregate) that sees them exit the CONCACAF Champions League in the preliminary round.

No words can really do justice to this type of performance. In a season marked by bitter disappointment it may suffice to say that the team has once again hit a new low. At least now there is no place further to fall. The MLS playoffs were long ago removed from the equation. The U.S. Open Cup campaign ended before it really began, at the hand of archrivals D.C. United. Now the team’s last vestige of hope, the CONCACAF Champions League, is gone as well. To say a change in leadership is necessary, including the dismissal of not only Juan Carlos Osorio but also Jeff Agoos and ideally Erik Stover, is akin to beating a dead horse. The damage is almost too nauseating to contemplate, especially after the promise of last season’s playoff run and the uncharacteristic tones of optimism in this year’s preseason. Now it’s all over. A half dozen home games remain until the curtain can finally fall on 14 years of tortured history. Will the last one to leave remember to shut the lights?


The following were shot by ASN at the conclusion of Wednesday’s match. More ASN videos can be seen on our YouTube page.

Juan Carlos Osorio’s initial reaction in the postgame press conference:

John Wolyniec gives his thoughts on the game:

Woly addresses the team’s propensity for allowing goals in the last five minutes of a half:

Kevin Goldthwaite, whose gaffe in first half stoppage time ended up costing the Red Bulls the game, does not seem terribly perturbed by it here. He also says the club lacks “leadership” while adding he would hate to see Osorio lose his job. His thoughts on Osorio seem perfectly genuine but see for yourself.

Danny Cepero: “It’s awful. It’s frustrating…feels like we’re in quicksand”

Jeremy Hall is asked if he feels “a change is needed at the top” of the organization:

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  1. 505anthony Says:

    I'm going to stick up for Shakes (Goldthwaite) here, who has been a mountain for us all season. I think he's been blameless for this horrid season, and has perhaps even been one of the few positives this year, even despite his obvious gaffe last night.

  2. SCNewJersey Says:

    longgggg pause by J. Hall befor he answers that question

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