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Match Preview: San Jose Earthquakes & Joey Gjertsen

Posted on 21 May 2010 by Kyle Alm

headshot of soccer player, Joey Gjertsen
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The Heritage Cup, an homage to the two NASL teams with common names, is what is at stake for the Sounders and Earthquakes.

The Earthquakes does have a local tie to the Puget Sound in Joey Gjertsen. Gjertsen is in his first season with the team in what is typically called a “journeyman” career piling up goals (the alleged career record holder) and multiple honors at the Evergreen State College in Olympia 2003-2004, 2006 USL MVP with Vancouver Whitecaps, and finally two seasons in Montreal.

Resurgence seems to be a theme with the much improved San Jose Earthquakes who spent the better part of the 2009 season at the foot of the table. Convey is playing well. Again. Finally. And Gjertsen seems to have become a fixture of the team, taking corners and set-pieces. Gjertsen never had a year like 2006 again. He did the bulk of his career scoring in that one year. Gjertsen has a goal and an assist for San Jose in 557 minutes of play. Not exactly setting the league on fire, but Ljungberg has yet to score a goal for us this season. Not that he particularly needs to, but it would be great if he would score a goal at Qwest.

< spoiler>at 2:18 he hits the post against the Seahawks Soccer team from 25 yards.< /spoiler>

The forecasted gray skies and 100% chance of ambient moisture are forecast, but I expect that Mr. Gjertsen will get a warm response from the crowd. I know there is going to be a large contingent heading up from the south Puget Sound that will be showing their support for Mr. Gjertsen, and by association the Earthquakes. And then the match will begin, and by the time the match is over the fans will go back to being nice to Joey again. So if you see someone in a Gjertsen jersey they are probably just as local as you are. They don’t sell Gjertsen’s San Jose jersey, if you see one it’s handmade or custom, I know a few people will have them, if you see one send a pic to @soundersasn on twitter.
San Jose Earthquakes #17 Joey Gjertsen
So, let me be clear. The guys in the Gjertsen gjerseys get a pass today, they all live around here and root for Sounders.

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