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Posted on 09 May 2010 by ASN Staff

For some time we have been looking for a way to implement forum functionality into this site. It appears we finally have a winner. The brand new Sounders.ASN forum does not require separate registration. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo! username (and seriously who doesn’t nowadays) you are IN and can start posting! This doesn’t mean the forum isn’t moderated however (spammers beware). Obviously hate speech and threats of violence or other intimidation are not tolerated either.

This forum is not meant to compete with other boards dedicated to the team (not that it would have a chance anyway). Each of these are excellent resources. We just felt there was/is room for something perhaps intended for the more casual fan of the team that could integrate with the various social media platforms of the day. (Or, if you’re stuck in 2005, MySpace yes you can post with your Myspace username).

The forum does not integrate comments posted to the site. Those remain a separate entity. Which is fine because it creates a church/state separation between the site’s proprietary content (and responses thereto) and topics that readers and fans are interested in discussing among themselves.

So go ahead and check it out

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