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RSL 1, New York 0 – Player Ratings

Posted on 06 September 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 6.5 – With the shutout, Nick now leads MLS with 11 on the season. That said, without stellar goal-line clearances by Beckerman & Williams as well as Borchers and Wingert making last-second blocks, things could have been far worse for RSL and Rimando.

Russell: 7 – “Mr. Consistent” all season long. Russell wasn’t challenged too often as Angel & Henry played straight down the middle and Lindpere didn’t create much on the left.

Borchers: 7.5 – It felt like Borchers was making a late block every couple of minutes throughout the second half. Defensively, Borchers is as solid as they come. Offensively, my criticism remains as his size and build should allow him to get more goals on corners – as he missed two open changes right in front of goal.

Olave: 6 – Olave will definitely be missed next week against Seattle for a questionable yellow card received at the end of the first half for a collision with Sutton. He did just enough to neutralize Henry & Angel, thought he also took a number of risks and was almost punished for it.

Wingert: 7.5 – Wingert stepped up to the plate defensively and didn’t back down all evening, often withdrawing on offense to help out in the box.

Morales: 7 – Another MVP type performance from Morales as he combined with Williams for much of the creative attacking opportunities.

Grabavoy: 6 – Made up for the loss of Johnson with a non-stop motor and box-to-box defense. His focus on staying back allowed Beckerman to be more creative, leading to the opening goal.

Williams: 8 – Easily the man of the match as he continually set up opportunities for RSL’s strikers and was also willing to take chances at goal meaning the Red Bulls had to mark him closely.

Beckerman: 7 – Sometimes I forget that Beckerman is still battling through pain from his foot injury as he is fearless and vital to everything that RSL does. His casual chip over the top to set up Espíndola was fantastic and his intensity often sets the tone for the entire team.

Findley: 4 – I just don’t know what’s going on with Robbie as he again blew and open opportunity and completely disappeared for stretches throughout the match. I fear that if he doesn’t have a breakthrough performance soon his confidence may be lost for the rest of the season.

Espíndola: 7.5 – Espy was a man possessed all night with terrific energy and fight. RSL had better hope that Saborio is able to contribute Thursday after returning from international duty as the loss of Espy to a hamstring injury could have a huge impact on RSL’s late season run.

Gonzalez: 6 – It was entertaining to see Nelson in a striking role as he adds a nice compliment of creativity and aggression that is missing from some of the other RSL players. With him finally being healthy I can see Kreis trying to find ways to get Nelson on the pitch in a variety of roles.

Campos: 5 –Pablo is quickly becoming the enigma of the team as I’m just not sure where he fits with everyone else. He’s not terrible and doesn’t do a lot to stand out for the wrong reasons, I just don’t think his style of play fits with the way the midfield distributes through the middle of the pitch.

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RSL 5, New England 0 – Player Ratings

Posted on 03 July 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 7.5 – Someone in the MLS head office must have read my player rankings last week, as Nick was awarded the MLS player of the month during the week and was made honorary captain for the match versus the Revs. With his fourth straight clean sheet on Friday night, Nick now has now gone 408 minutes without being scored on and he has also become only the fifth keeper in MLS history to reach the 100-win mark. Suffice to say, Nick is playing fantastic soccer and may be nudging Donovan Ricketts out of the picture for an MLS All-Star start.

Russell: 8.5 – Fantastic match for Russell defensively and offensively. His two-assist production is just what RSL is looking for from the wings and his speedy defense to cover for Olave when he roams is a perfect compliment in the back.

Borchers: 6 – Sometimes I’m shocked at just how poor he is in the air despite his size. It was a bit of a ho-hum night for Nat, but that could be expected thanks to the Revs uninspiring forward line.

Olave: 8.5 – He was incredible on both ends of the pitch, scoring the second goal with a fantastic header, out-muscling the Revs on defense, and even making a fantastic run up the pitch which led to Sabo’s second goal. There’s really not much more one could ask for from a central defender in the MLS.

Wingert: 5 – Wingert demonstrated some stout defending throughout the evening, but was easily overshadowed by Russell on the other wing.

Morales: 10 – Magnificent all evening. It could have easily been one of the best performances I have ever personally witnessed from Javi during his tenure with RSL. He was involved in every bit of positive offensive play and was a one-man wrecking crew. Can he keep this up all season?

Grabavoy: 5 – It was interesting to watch Ned throughout the match, as it appeared that he wasn’t playing the holding midfielder role in place of Beckerman and was instead roaming a bit and attacking more. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m interested to see how his role begins to morph the longer Beckerman is out.

Williams: 5.5 – His skill and ability is second to none in the league, but his fitness has been particularly impressive this year as he’s logging long minutes while players are out injured.

Johnson: 8 – Will was absolutely phenomenal all night. He motored all over the pitch and appeared to be filling the Beckerman type role instead of Grabavoy. He played box to box and ignited a number of attacking opportunities. This is an exciting sign as Will could be showing some maturation in his role with the team.

Saborío: 9 – When asked after the match about his backheel goal, Sabo simply said “It was no fluke.” Suffice to say, Sabo’s success in the league this season has also not been a fluke as he continues to impress and play with composure and style. I’m struggling to think of a past MLS Championship team that has made such a significant player upgrade the season after they won the cup.

Espíndola: 6.5 – His temper makes me anxious at times as it could come back to bite the team if he gets ejected. That said, it is that very same passion and energy that makes him such a dangerous player and led to the opening strike. His goal celebration past Cory Gibbs, whom he’d had a physical altercation with just minutes earlier, was fantastically hilarious.

Findley: 6
– It was interesting to watch Robbie integrate himself back into RSL and MLS play as he was definitely playing with more confidence. I actually thought he looked particularly spry and quick, though he reported being jetlagged after the match. His goal was beautiful, but I also felt at times he was being a bit selfish on attack.

Alexandre: 5 – Physical and tough in the middle, but also a bit uncreative. He probably deserved a goal late in the match with a blast from 25 yards out that Reis just barely got a glove to.

Warner: 4 – Difficult for Warner to come on in place of the stellar Morales. He had twenty minutes to shine in an attacking role, but never really seemed to make an impact on the match and he floated in and out of the final minutes.

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RSL 0, San Jose 0 – Player Ratings

Posted on 26 June 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 8.5 – Nick’s quietly impressed anyone paying attention to Rio Tinto stadium, as he’s been solely responsible for RSL’s strong run of form. Nick has saved late attempts on goal in the past two matches and seems poised for another solid post-season performance.

Russell: 6 – Russell had a good night on defense and tried to have a better evening on offense, but unfortunately no one was ever in the box to be on the receiving end of his crosses.

Borchers: 5 – Seemed like Nat was a little shaky early in the match as he almost cost RSL a goal with a poor back-pass. Seeing that he’s easily logged more minutes than any other RSL player up to this point in the season, it’s safe to assume there was some rust after the break.

Olave: 5 – Hard to say Olave’s performance was ho-hum, but it’s difficult to think of any notable plays or times that he stood out. Then again, it’s not always a bad thing when a defender doesn’t stand out, particularly in a scoreless draw.

Wingert: 4 – Pretty disappointing match for Chris. He completely blew two back-passes to Rimando that went out of bounds and struggled to establish himself all evening.

Morales: 8 – Despite the scoreless draw, Morales again put in a solid performance and probably deserved something better as he continually put RSL in position to score but wasn’t rewarded in the end.

Grabavoy: 5 – It wasn’t a particularly adventurous outing for Ned, but that wasn’t really what was expected from him. It will be interesting to see what role Ned will play after Beckerman returns.

Williams: 6.5 – Bomma seemed to benefit the most from the time off, as he seemed spry and full of tricks all match long. It does worry me a bit that he played the full 90, but with Gonzalez and Beckerman both on the verge of returning, there will be more competition for playing time.

Johnson: 7 – Fantastic match for Will. He still had moments where he forced passes while under pressure, but he easily made up for those moments by winning a number of critical balls on defense and was energized all night.

Saborío: 5 – I’m a little confused by his substitution in the 60th minute. He wasn’t necessarily effective or amazing, but he also wasn’t provided with the best service making it difficult to have an impact.

Espíndola: 6.5 – Espy probably would have received a higher rating had he converted an easy chance in front of goal early in the second half. That said, he was really the only player creating any offensive chances all evening and probably deserves a goal.

Campos: 3.5 – I assume Campos was given so many minutes in response to his stellar performance in an international friendly over the break. That said, he wasn’t really impressive against San Jose and seemed like a wasted substitution.

Warner: 4.5 – I often say that Warner reminds a bit of Andy Williams. While I still think that’s the case, the big difference between the two is that Andy will take a crack at goal every now and then while Warner seems afraid to. Too many times Warner would try to force a pass to create an opportunity rather than put something on frame.

Alexandre: N/A – Not much to note in limited minutes.

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RSL 1, Los Angeles 0 – Player Ratings

Posted on 10 June 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 7 – While the Galaxy didn’t produce a lot of challenges, Nick was up to the task all match long, particularly in the form of his late heroics to knock Juninho’s goal-bound shot to the side. Nick is silently beginning to rack up some crucial shutouts.

Russell: 6.5 – I was really worried about Russell at the start of the match as he has logged a glut of minutes over the past week and a half, but Robbie put in a really impressive performance. His cross to Sabo late in the match should have been converted for another goal as it was beautifully placed.

Borchers: 7 – Smart, physical play from Nat all match long. You could tell this match was critical for RSL as it was probably the most intense and dialed in I’ve seen Nat all season.

Olave: 6.5 – I can see why pundits around the league are impressed with Tristan Bowen as he has a nice combination of speed and size. That said, he was absolutely nullified by Olave’s own physicality and appeared hesitant to get in the middle and mix it up with the crafty Jamison.

Beltran: 7.5 – Tony is another player that’s also logged numerous minutes over the busy 11 day pre World Cup schedule, but the decision from Kreis to substitute him for Wingert made absolutely no sense to me. Tony was probably RSL’s best box-to-box player all evening, often assisting in attack and providing last-minute cover on defense.

Morales: 8.5 – Regardless of what some will say about the controversial goal, Javi was a beast all match long and deserved the tally. He was passionate and inspired while directing the offense and poured his heart into every minute of the match. While other attacking players had an off night, Javi was in fine form.

Grabavoy: 6 – RSL needed a steadying influence in the midfield and they definitely got it from Grabs. He wasn’t particularly flashy or spectacular, but solid. Probably deserved a goal late in the first half for his stunning blast that Ricketts barely knocked away.

Williams: 4.5 – Andy just seemed a step off all night long. Whether or not it was lingering issues with a hamstring injury or fatigue, it appeared that he struggled with LA’s physical play and couldn’t get settled.

Johnson: 4.5 – The first half was easily the best 45 minutes of soccer I’ve seen from Will all season. The second half? Disappointing. I don’t know what happened, but Will seemed casual and careless in the second half as he turned the ball over constantly and appeared lost.

Saborío: 3.5 – Easily the worst match Sabo has played in an RSL kit. Even when he was acclimating to the squad you could at least count on him to hold up the ball and distribute. Last night the RSL faithful didn’t even get that as Sabo couldn’t control the ball and lost possession repeatedly.

Espíndola: 6 – Overall it was a fairly lukewarm effort from Espy. He had a couple of close calls early in the match as his speed caused problems for Todd Dunivant on the right, but as the match continued he just didn’t seem to have enough energy to remain effective.

Wingert: 5 – Nice performance for Chris considering the fact that he is bouncing back from a chronic hamstring strain, but nothing really that noteworthy.

Campos: 6.5 – For all of Pablo’s struggles and deficiencies, he does cause problems for opposing defenses – especially late in the match. There were 2-3 times that Campos was able to physically force his way into dangerous territory and cause anxious moments for the Galaxy, particularly during the play that led to the winning goal.

Warner: N/A – Not much to note in limited minutes.

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RSL 4, Kansas City 1 – Player Ratings

Posted on 31 May 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 6 – He was left out to dry by Borchers on the Wizards only goal and produced another solid outing. He calmly collected some rockets at goal throughout the match and has yet to be truly tested all season.

Wingert: 5 – Hard to assess Wingert’s output as he left at half with an injury and didn’t really have much involvement in the first half.

Borchers: 3.5 – It was a pretty difficult night for Nat as he was caught out of position on countless occasions and was responsible for the Wizards only goal thanks to some lackadaisical possession in the back. He just didn’t seem to have his head in the match and was surprisingly shaky.

Olave: 6.5 – Olave delivered crunching tackle after crunching tackle all match long and did a nice job with Alexandre to stifle the Wizards attack before they could really get into dangerous positions.

Beltran: 7.5 – One of the best matches I’ve seen from Beltran in an RSL uniform. He was everywhere defensively and caused problems on both wings all night. Even more surprising was some of the nifty skill he showed on offense while contributing to distribution in the middle of the pitch.

Morales: 8 – Stellar performance from Javi who seems to have shrugged off his poor play from a season ago and has been excellent this year. His ability to create offensive chances for Espy & Sabo has directly led to the offense output from RSL’s forwards over the past couple of weeks.

Alexandre: 6.5 – Jean will never be a technically skilled player with the same style or flair as Beckerman. However, he showed me on Saturday that he could be a physical presence in the midfield while making smart, simple passes. It was a nice all-around performance for the young midfielder.

Williams: 6 – You have to give Williams credit for not taking the shot for the opening goal and instead opting to provide the perfect opportunity for Espy. RSL fans have to hope his injury won’t keep him out of play long.

Johnson: 6.5 – Another great performance for a player who often lacks tangible production. Will was solid all match long at supporting Alexandre while linking up with Morales and Espy on the left. Let’s see where this positive performance takes Will over the next couple of weeks with a number of RSL’s midfielders being injured.

Saborío: 7.5 – What more can be said about Sabo? His quality is easily recognizable and stellar. He probably could have had a hat-trick if not for a scuffed shot and a header that glanced off the woodwork in the second half. His skill and guile on the ball is a perfect balance for Espy’s speed and power.

Espíndola: 8.5 – It was Espy’s first start in over a month and he repaid the RSL faithful with an all-around brilliant display. His energy tormented the Wizards backline all evening and flustered even the usually stoic Jimmy Conrad. With Robbie Findley away with the USMNT over the next couple of months, Espy will continue to lead the attack with Sabo as they build one of the most formidable striking partnerships in the league.

Russell: 7 – It was a nice match for Russell both offensively and defensively. He was available on countless occasions to provide coverage in the back when RSL was caught pushing up too far and deservedly earned his first tally late in the match.

Grabavoy: 6.5 – I questioned Alexandre getting the start in holding mid over Grabavoy as Ned definitely has an edge in leadership. Unfortunately Ned saw the pitch much sooner than most expected thanks to the injury to Williams. He put in a productive second half performance with his goal late being particularly beautiful in large part due to his amazing speed to get by Besler coupled with his cool finish past Nielsen.

Campos: N/A – Not much to assess in limited minutes.

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RSL 3, Houston 1 – Player Ratings

Posted on 14 May 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 7 – Great overall match for Nick as he was active in contesting Houston’s limited opportunities (and fortunately didn’t have a PK taken against him). Houston’s goal was really a moment of brilliance from Mullan and there wasn’t much he could have done thanks to RSL’s sloppy defense.

Wingert: 5 – One of the best moments of the night was when Chris was bringing the ball down the left flank and thanks to some surprising skill found himself in an open space in front of goal. Unfortunately he fumbled the eventual shot and just missed the far post – meaning Wingert has to wait even longer to score his first MLS goal in six years of play.

Borchers: 6.5 – It was a nice outing for Nat who did a fine job getting into the head of the speedy Oduro. Business as usual as he held down the defense while Olave and Russell were able to roam and attack.

Olave: 6.5 – Quiet night for Jamison, which is actually a good thing considering his past conflicts with Houston. I was absolutely floored when I saw a bit of sportsmanship between him and Ching late in the match where he was helped up after a foul from behind.

Russell: 5.5 – An okay night for Robbie as he returned to the lineup after a match off. It was his bite on the fake from Mullan that facilitated Houston’s scoring opportunity, but overall RSL’s offense and defense seemed better because of Robbie’s presence.

Morales: 8.5 – Javi produced his best performance since the opening match of the season in route to a technically stunning and creatively brilliant performance. If he can stay healthy RSL will continue to thrive in attack.

Beckerman: 7 – Great lob into the box to Findley for the opening goal and an all-around box-to-box output. During one sequence early on Kyle was one moment distributing to the wing on offense and moments later shutting down Oduro with the back line.

Williams: 5 – Another ho-hum night for Williams but not much was really expected of him as there wasn’t a lot of offense coming from the right wing due to RSL’s focus on exploiting Waibel on the left.

Johnson: 5.5 – I’m really trying to be objective with Will. His hustle and energy were noticeable last night but his passing leaves much to be desired. At times I would hope that he would take a moment to make a smart pass after breaking up a play instead of just trying to clear or make what he sees as an unexpected or clever play.

Saborío: 9.5 – There’s a new fan-favorite in town as Sabo produced big time Thursday night. He exploited makeshift center back Adrian Serioux all evening and put forth an effort few forwards have produced in a RSL kit. His first goal was absolutely unexpected and absolutely massive.

Findley: 4.5 – I’m happy Findley finally got off the mark for the season, but I can’t help but look at his two missed chances after blowing by Houston’s defense as a sign of bad things to come. Houston’s absolutely horrendous marking and organization in the back created the perfect environment for Robbie to exploit and instead he laid a couple of eggs. Unless Bob Bradley simply wants speed up top, I have a feeling that we will be seeing Robbie back in an RSL kit in a couple of weeks.

Alexandre: 3.5 – I was baffled to see Alexandre enter the match for Williams instead of Grabavoy or Warner. His size and physicality worked out well late in the match when Houston started to get chippy, but there wasn’t much more tangible production that one could pull from his performance.

Campos: 5 – With Findley leaving and Espindola still battling an ankle injury, now might be the best chance Campos has to earn more playing time this season. There’s arguments that he is a very similar player to Sabo making shared time on the pitch redundant, but I have a feeling that his sheer size and ball-handling ability can add a different dimension to RSL’s attack.

Warner: N/A – Another week, another set of limited minutes for Warner.

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RSL 3, Union 0 Real Salt Lake Player Ratings

Posted on 08 May 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings for May 8, 2010 versus Philadelphia Union on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 5 – Less than spectacular outing for Nick and he’s lucky Philly didn’t make him pay. His gaff to McInerney should have cost RSL and could have changed the entire dynamic of the match.

Wingert: 6.5 – I was really impressed with Wingert’s defense early in the match. He completely owned Fred on the right side and shut down their attack. He still struggles to create offensively, but that wasn’t really an issue today as much of RSL’s offense was being created in the middle of the pitch.

Borchers: 5 – Anchored the line with an inexperienced McKenzie when Olave was subbed out late in the match. Overall Borchers continued to show some questionable decisions with some lazy tackles late in the match while he was sitting on a yellow.

Olave: 7.5 – His chronic knee injury worries me, as I’m not sure what RSL would do without him. Let’s hope he can keep his head in check versus Houston next week even though past results would say that’s highly unlikely.

Beltran: 6.5 – Another solid performance for Tony. I thought Roger Torres gave him some problems early on, but the Union later switched Fred to the left and Tony cruised for the rest of the evening.

Morales: 6 – As noted by Kreis, Morales seemed to still have some rust early in the match after missing a number of matches with an injury. However, he was much better in the second half and nearly capitalized on a cheeky chip late.

Beckerman: 8.5 – I’m not sure what Kyle had for breakfast, but he was fired up from the opening whistle and was a man possessed all match long. Every bit of positive offensive play involved Beckerman and it was nice to see his hard work rewarded with the opening goal.

Williams: 5 – It was a quiet afternoon for Andy as he struggled to make an impact on the match. It brings up questions as to if Morales and he can be successful together on the pitch at the same time.

Johnson: 6.5 – A much improved performance for Will as he spent much of the evening helping out in the back. While I’ve been saying that I liked to see him more involved in the offense, it was his defensive commitment that allowed Beckerman to roam more and have a greater impact offensively.

Saborío: 7 – Sabo continues to show signs of getting comfortable in Salt Lake and his teammates are beginning to reward him with opportunities. His positioning and nose for goal is something RSL hasn’t really had in a forward before.

Findley: 4 – It was a disappointing night for Robbie as he never really found his way into the match and then had to exit early with an injury. It feels like he’s forcing things and probably needs to relax for more chances to come his way.

Campos: 6 – Came on for the injured Findley late in the first half and seemed confused and nervous until late in the match. It was apparent once he finally calmed down as he began to help create chances and gave a perfect cross to Sabo for his goal.

McKenzie: 4 – It often seems that other players need to step up when McKenzie is in the match, with Beltran tucking into the middle and Borchers appearing to be more physical and active. Not what I would consider starter potential in the league but a decent backup.

Warner: N/A – Not much to assess in limited minutes.

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