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TFC Heads to the CCL Semi-Final!

Posted on 15 March 2012 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Following the first leg of their CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final tie, Toronto FC headed into LA with a big task after getting a 2-2 result at home! Having to overcome the 2 away goal deficit or simply winning the match was never going to be easy.


With a slow start to the match Ryan Johnson took advantage of a great chance to give TFC the 1-0 lead in the first half. The second half on the other hand had a different feel, where LA realized they had to rise up to the occasion and started putting plenty of pressure on TFC  leading to an own goal by Harden. TFC was resilient with Ryan Johnson continuing to put his stamp on the game and setting up Nick Soolsma for Toronto’s second goal and the game winner!


Toronto FC’s game flaw consisted of their high back-line that they were lucky not to have LA penetrate. A non fatigued Galaxy side would have punished this Toronto formation. On the other hand, TFC’s defense dealt well with the crosses into the box in this match in comparison to the home tie, with Kocic playing a major role in controlling his box and keeping the ball out of his net.

Man of the MatchMilos Kocic

All in all, a decent Toronto FC performance versus a softer LA Galaxy led to this result. The next round in the semi-finals versus Santos Laguna will be a difficult task especially in the away leg!


Toronto FC will now remain on the road and face Seattle on Saturday before returning home for their MLS home opener which leads into the first leg of their CCL semi-finals.


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Canadian National Team Event Feb. 2nd, 2012

Posted on 03 February 2012 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Here are several pictures from the Umbro Canada event yesterday night!

Other info: all home world cup qualifying games this year will be played at BMO Field and a friendly vs. the US national team on June 3rd as well!













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TFC’s current depth/formation

Posted on 28 January 2012 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC ASN is on Twitter @TorontoFCasn! Follow us for live game action, breaking news and headlines covering Toronto FC, Canadian soccer and  MLS.

So everyone out there with a TFC blog, website or covering TFC is doing one of these formation set-up things.
So I thought I would do my own!

Some players listed are yet to be signed but expected to, so that is why they are there.
Keep in mind some players are versatile and the position they are listed in might not be where they actually play.
FYI, this list would be my guess for the 30 man roster we will have.

After taking a look, share your thoughts – be nice!

Here it is:

———————————————— Frei ————————————————
———————————————- (Kocic) ———————————————
——————————————— (*Bush*) ———————————————

Eckersley ——————– Caicedo ——————- Aceval ——————– Morgan
— (Maund) ——————- (Harden) —————— (Cann) ——————- (Hall) —
——————————— (Henry) —————- (Williams) —————————–

——————————– Frings ——————- De Guzman ————————–
—————————— (Dunfield) —————– (Bouchiba) —————————
——————————————— (Stinson) ——————————————

———————————————- Avila ————————————————-
——————————————— (Silva) ————————————————-
—————————————— (*Burgos Jr.*) —————————————–
——————————————– (Cordon) ———————————————–

— Lambe —————————— Koevermans ———————————- Plata —
— (Soolsma) —————————- (Johnson) ————————- (Makubuya) —
———————- (*Vukovic*) ——————— (*Jackman*) ——————–
* Players with a star beside their name are those who I think will be signed!

This post was written by @MahmoudShoblaq of @amersocc and @TorontoFCasn.

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TFC Preseason Squad

Posted on 21 January 2012 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC ASN is on Twitter @TorontoFCasn! Follow us for live game action, breaking news and headlines covering Toronto FC, Canadian soccer and  MLS.


This is just a short post to give everyone a heads up on who is/will be in camp during Toronto FC’s preseason.

This information is gathered through various internet sources and reports. (players’ twitter accounts, translated articles, rumors etc.)

This list will be updated throughout preseason!

I will start off with the list of players not ‘officially’ signed with the club, followed by the list of those that will be given a trial and lastly a list of signed players.

As the lists indicate there are 26 + 1 (Lindsay is inactive due to long-term injury) official squad players with 2 expected to sign, leaving 2 roster spots available for several new players (most likely academy products).

LAST UPDATE: FEBRUARY 3rd, 2012 – 5:00pm

Players expected to be signed:
Stefan Vukovic (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Efrain Burgos, Jr. (2011 Draft Pick) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP

Players expected in camp for trials:
Michael Green (2012 Supplemental Draft Pick)
Tristan Jackman (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Chad Bush (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Quillan Roberts (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Brandon John (Academy product) CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Tyler Pasher  (Academy product) CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Sergio Camargo (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Jay Chapman (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Jordan Hamilton (Academy product) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP

Current Squad (Under Contract):
Milos Kocic
Torsten Frings – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Terry Dunfield – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Julian De Guzman – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Danny Koevermans – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Ashtone Morgan (Home grown) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Matt Stinson (Home grown) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Doniel Henry (Home grown) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Keith Makubuya (Home grown) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Oscar Cordon (Home grown) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Elbekay Bouchiba – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Richard Eckersley
Jeremy Hall (New Signing) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Reggie Lambe (New Signing) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP

Geovanny Caicedo (New Signing)
Miguel Aceval (New Signing) CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Luis Silva (New Signing – 2012 Draft Pick) – CONFIRMED IN CAMP
Aaron Maund (New Signing – 2012 Draft Pick)

Dicoy Williams – CONFIRMED IN CAMP

Nicholas Lindsay (Home grown) – Reports indicate he will be out for the 2012 season.


This post was written by @MahmoudShoblaq of @amersocc and @TorontoFCasn.

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Where is TFC at today!?

Posted on 04 January 2012 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC ASN is on Twitter @TorontoFCasn! Follow us for live game action, breaking news and headlines covering Toronto FC, Canadian soccer and  MLS.

After the end of the season, changes were expected  and several players were released while others were signed. Toronto FC still has missing pieces to fill but here is a brief look at the current squad, important dates and other news/notes.

Some rumors and News:
-Krzysztof Krol
formerly of Chicago Fire has stated on his twitter last week that he is heading back to MLS and coming to Toronto, whether it was to negotiate a deal or just for a trial that is unknown. Yet he said he is interested in returning to Chicago, but Toronto were the ones showing interest. Nothing official from MLS, or Toronto FC as of right now so it will be interesting to see what this leads to.
Reports last week have indicated that Victor Turcios has a trial set with Toronto FC and will be reporting on January 23rd if his trials in Europe don’t go well. 
News broke out today that Dicoy Williams has signed on for next year, with his salary and what he has shown this is not a complete surprise. Let’s just hope he is healthy soon and is just as good as we last saw him.
The 2012 TFC Away kit was released by Work Soccer Shop today and can  be seen here: This was expected as it was displayed at the 2011 home opener. This design was the winning design of the contest Adidas and Toronto FC hosted. Personally I am not a big fan of some minor things, but I do not hate it either.

It is evident that Toronto FC is looking at defenders more than anything right now. Pre-season is not that far off so the players should be coming in soon whether as signings, trades, draft picks or trials.

After a long wait, CCL ticket prices are expected to be released on Friday January 6th 2012.

The 2012 adidas MLS player combine occurs from January 6-10th with the MLS Super Draft on January 12th, and supplemental draft is January 17th. With TFC’s two first round picks it is expected that they will go for the best available rather than a defender. But it is really hard to predict what Winter and his staff do especially with the possibility of trading these picks + a player or two for decent established players. 

Lastly, it is expected that Toronto FC players are set to report to camp on January 23rd 2012. Below is a list of some of TFC’s scheduled games.

Pre-season Games:
vs. Orlando City SC – February 25th 2012 6pm ET
vs. BK Hacken – February 28th 2012 6pm ET
vs. FC Dallas March 1st 2012 6pm ET
Possibly a game on March 3rd time and opponent TBD.

CONCACAF Champions League:
vs. LA Galaxy – March 7th 2012 8pm ET (Rogers Centre)
vs. LA Galaxy – March 14th 2012 10pm ET (The Home Depot Centre)

MLS Season: (Full Schedule
Season Opener
vs. Seattle Sounders March 16th 2012 10pm ET (CenturyLink Field)
Home Opener
vs. San Jose Earthquakes – March 24th 2012 1pm ET (BMO Field)
Games vs. Montreal ImpactApril 7th 2012 1pm ET (Montreal Olympic Stadium), June 27th, 2012 7:30pm(Saputo Stadium), October 20th, 2012 2pm ET (BMO Field)
Trillium Cup vs. Columbus Crew – March 31st 2012 2pm ET(BMO Field), August 11th 2012 7:30pm ET and October 28th 2012 4pm ET (Columbus Crew Stadium).
Game vs. WhitecapsJuly 11th 2012 7pm ET(BMO Field)
Home Closer vs Montreal Impact on October 20th, 2012 (BMO Field)
Season Closer vs. Columbus Crew October 28th, 2012 (Crew Stadium)

Voyageur Cup:
vs. FC Edmonton – May 9th 2012 time TBD (Foote Field)
vs. FC Edmonton – May 16th 2012 time TBD (BMO Field)
Cup Finals May 23rd and 30th 2012.

Current Squad: We have 26 players, leaving room for at least 4 new signings depending on trades etc..
Milos Kocic
Stefan Frei
Richard Eckersley (Status of new deal still unknown)
Torsten Frings
Eric Avila
Terry Dunfield
Ryan Johnson
Danny Koevermans
Joao Plata (Status of new deal still unknown)
Ty Harden
Andy Iro
Ashtone Morgan (HG)
Matt Stinson (HG)
Doniel Henry (HG)
Nick Soolsma
Julian De Guzman
Peri Marosevic
Jeremy Hall (New Signing)
Reggie Lambe (New Signing)
Dicoy Williams
Nicholas Lindsay (HG)
Keith Makubuya (HG)
Oscar Cordon (HG)
Adrian Cann
Elbekay Bouchiba
Mikael Yourassowsky


This post was written by @MahmoudShoblaq of @amersocc and @TorontoFCasn.

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Who stays and who goes?

Posted on 29 December 2011 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC ASN is on Twitter @TorontoFCasn! Follow us for live game action, breaking news and headlines covering Toronto FC, Canadian soccer and  MLS.

The picture above from the home opener shows the dramatic changes that happened to the team from the first kick to today, as well as showing the future of TFC as the Academy team lines up behind the senior squad.

The expansion draft has come and gone… Here is who is still here and who is gone and some thoughts on who I think will/should be here next year or not..

Also here is a little look forward on what is on TFC’s schedule.

The start of January will consist of the announcement of the CCL game/ticket info which will be played at the Rogers Centre (Skydome).
The 2012 adidas MLS player combine occurs from January 6-10th with the MLS Super Draft on January 12th, supplemental draft is January 17th.

Pre-season Games:
vs. Orlando City SC – February 25th 2012 6pm ET
vs. BK Hacken – February 28th 2012 6pm ET
vs. FC Dallas March 1st 2012 6pm ET
Possibly a game on March 3rd time and opponent TBD.

CONCACAF Champions League:
vs. LA Galaxy – March 7th 2012 8pm ET (Rogers Centre)
vs. LA Galaxy – March 14th 2012 10pm ET (The Home Depot Centre)

Feel free to share your thoughts at our Twitter @TorontoFCasn or in the comments section below. Feedback, discussions and opinions are all encouraged.

STILL HERE and will/should be KEPT:
Milos Kocic
Stefan Frei
Richard Eckersley
Torsten Frings
Eric Avila
Terry Dunfield
Ryan Johnson
Danny Koevermans
Joao Plata
Ty Harden
Andy Iro
Ashtone Morgan
Matt Stinson
Doniel Henry
Nick Soolsma
Julian De Guzman
Peri Marosevic
Jeremy Hall (New Signing)
Reggie Lambe (New Signing)
Dicoy Williams

STILL HERE but will/should be ASSESSED prior to new contracts/release:
Nicholas Lindsay – Will be interesting to see what Winter thinks of him in the off season after the season ending injury he will be given a chance to prove himself.
Keith Makubuya – Barely played, minimal impact.. will have to earn his spot.
Oscar Cordon – Impressed to start the season with a few appearances then went down hill from there.. Will have to earn his spot again.
Adrian Cann – Season ending injury and early contract disputes this season will not get him an immediate contract but will be invited to training camp for sure!
Elbekay Bouchiba – Hasn’t played a single minute in MLS, due to a season ending injury. His stay will depend on pre-season.
Mikael Yourassowsky – No work ethic in my opinion, when he got minutes he barely put an effort. He was brought in as a left back, never really played there.

Nathan SturgisDanleigh Borman
Demitrius  Omphroy
Matt Gold
Javier Martina
Eddy Viator
Leandre Griffit
Kyle Davis
Gianluca Zavarise

What do you agree with and what would you change? Make sure to share your thoughts.


This post was written by @MahmoudShoblaq of @amersocc and @TorontoFCasn.

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Photo Gallery: RSL v Philadelphia Union

Posted on 05 September 2011 by juliana64

no images were found

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Revolution to collect soccer equipment on Saturday

Posted on 03 August 2011 by Hank Alexandre

The New England Revolution and the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation, in conjunction with the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Passback program, will collect donations of new or gently-used soccer equipment at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, August 6, at the Revolution-Chivas USA match.

Fans who make a donation will receive a buy-one, get-one coupon valid for a free ticket to the Revolution’s match against Houston on Wednesday, August 17, with the purchase of one ticket.

Project GOAL, a Providence-based program, will receive the items collected on Saturday, and use the equipment for their soccer-related activities.

The Revolution will be collecting all types of soccer equipment, including uniforms, shin guards, soccer balls, soccer cleats, socks, water bottles and goalie gloves. All donated items should be new or gently-used.

Donations will be accepted between 6:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, with collection locations available at the Bank of America (northwest corner) and Patriot Place (north end) gates.

“We’re pleased to be able to partner with a group like Project GOAL and make needed equipment available to programs who use soccer to make a positive impact on children’s lives,” Revolution Chief Operating Officer Brian Bilello said. “Our fans have demonstrated wonderful support for our community efforts in the past, and we hope their generosity continues this weekend.”

The Passback program is a national program overseen by the U.S. Soccer Foundation and attempts to meet the needs of all soccer players, regardless of income, gender or location.

For more information on Project GOAL, visit their web site at For more information about the Passback program, please visit

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Photos from the Philadelphia Union/Real Madrid clash at Lincoln Financial Field

Posted on 24 July 2011 by Breton Bonnette

ASN Philly’s photographer LEE PEASE was on hand to document the sights at Lincoln Financial Field on July 23, 2011. The Union played impressively well against a star-studded Real Madrid C.F. but ultimately fell 2-1 with Michael Farfan scoring the prettiest goal of the game.

You can see more pictures if you friend us on Facebook – search ASN Philly or follow us on Twitter at @UnionASN.

no images were found

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Quick Start Guide to the HerbaLife World Football Challenge

Posted on 13 July 2011 by Matty Jollie

The Second Annual World Football Challenge Kicks Off in FoxboroFoxboro, MA – Tonight marks the beginning of the 2011 HerbaLife World Football Challenge, when the New England Revolution take on the 19-time English Champions and 2010/11 UEFA Champions League Runner-Up, Manchester United.  For fans new to the World Football Challenge (which are quite a few, seeing as this is only the second time the competition has been held) have seemed a little unsure of the “format” or whether it was an actual tournament at all.  So, allow me to educate you over the next five minutes with a crash-course, FAQ-style primer on this summer’s biggest international club soccer tournament.

What exactly IS the World Football Challenge? – The WFC was created in 2009, with an eye towards pitting some of the finest international club teams in the world against each other on American Soil. The first tournament in 2009 (won by Chelsea FC of England) had 4 teams: Chelsea (ENG), Inter Milan (ITA), AC Milan (ITA), and Club America (MEX). The original tournament was done round-robin style, with each team playing three matches in venues across the United States (Revs fans will remember the Milan Derby was played at Gillette Stadium), with the club with the best record taking home the title. This edition of the WFC is quite different, as it now includes Major League Soccer teams as well.

Who is participating in this tournament? – A total of 13 clubs are participating in this year’s tournament: 8 international clubs, and 5 from MLS. They are as follows:

Manchester City (ENG)

Manchester United (ENG)

FC Barcelona (SPA)

Juventus (ITA)

Club America (MEX)

CD Guadalajara (MEX)

Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)

Chicago Fire (USA)


Philadelphia Union (USA)

Los Angeles Galaxy (USA)

Vancouver Whitecaps (CAN/MLS)

What is the format for the tournament ? – The round robin style has been scrapped.  Seven of the international clubs (Sporting Clube being excluded) will play three matches each. The MLS clubs are grouped together by conference, equalling three matches played (thus, New England, Chicago, and Philadelphia play one match each, while LA Galaxy will play two and Vancouver one) and this is done for competition purposes. There will be NO DRAWS in this particular tournament. If the match were to end level, the teams will advance directly to penalty kicks.

What is the scoring format? – Teams are awarded (3) points for a win in regulation, (2) points for a win in penalty kicks, (1) point for a penalty kick loss, (0) for a loss in regulation. Teams are also awarded (1) point per goal in regulation up to a max of three in each match. So, for an example, if a team were to win a match 3-0 in regulation, they would be awarded 6 points (3 for the win, and a max 3 for each goal). The club, or in the MLS case the Conference, with the highest point total at the end of the competition will be crowned champion of the 2011 HerbaLife World Football Challenge.

Are there any limits on rosters and/or substitutions? – Twenty Five (25) players are allowed on the team sheet for each match (11 selected and 14 substitutes), and teams are allowed to use up to 11 of those 14 substitutes during the match.  No cautions or sending-off will carry forward into the next match except red-cards for violent play, serious foul play, or two yellows in the same match (resulting in a red).

What does the schedule look like for the WFC ? – The fixture list for the competition is as follows:

New England Revolution vs.Manchester United  – July 13  –  Gillette Stadium

Los Angeles Galaxyvs.Real Madrid    -July 16  – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Club America  vs.   Manchester City   -July 16  –     AT&T Park

Manchester City  vs.   Vancouver Whitecaps FC  –  July 18   –   Empire Field

CD Guadalajara   vs.  Real Madrid    –  July 20  –    Qualcomm Stadium

Manchester United  vs.Chicago Fire    –  July 23 –   Soldier Field

Philadelphia Union  vs.   Real Madrid   –  July 23   -Lincoln Financial Field

Juventus   vs.  Sporting Clube de Portugal  – July 23     –    BMO Field

Los Angeles Galaxyvs.Manchester City  – July 24   -The Home Depot Center

Juventus  vs.     Club America   -July 26  –   Citi Field

Juventus  vs.     CD Guadalajara-  July 28  –   Carter Finley Stadium

FC Barcelona   vs.    Manchester United –  July 30   –  FedEx Field

FC Barcelona   vs.   CD Guadalajara –    August 3  –   Sun Life Stadium

FC Barcelona   vs   .Club America-August 6  –      Cowboys Stadium


It promises to be a great competition and affords American Soccer fans a great opportunity to see some of the World’s best players. Be sure to check back here often as we here at Revs ASN will keep you updated throughout the tournament!

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