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2008 Trade ledger

Posted on 18 February 2009 by ASN Staff

A look back at the Red Bulls’ personnel moves in 2008.

Before the season even started, the new head coach said he was “working very hard to finalize three acquisitions.” Those acquisitions would remain in flux for more than half the season. Not until June did reports about Jorge Rojas begin to surface in the Venezuelan press. By that time help was badly needed. Jozy Altidore had left for Villareal, Claudio Reyna was in his perpetual state of injured-ness,

Finally, in July, Diego Jimenez was signed to a developmental contract and Rojas and Juan Pietravallo came onboard (though Red Bulls fans would soon wish they hadn’t, particularly Pietravallo, who soon picked up the nickname Pietrafoulo). That same month, Claudio Reyna finally put Red Bulls fans out of their misery by retiring.

In the interim, Andrew Boyens was signed (to replace Hunter Freeman, though Freeman would not officially depart the team until September) and Danny Cepero was loaned to USL second division side Harrisburg City Islanders. Hard to believe that Cepero was barely a footnote for the team’s fans at that time. It would not remain that way.

In September, Osorio and Jeff Agoos sought to round out the roster with young players while cutting loose some dead weight. Matthew Mbuta, who as a member of Crystal Palace Baltimore had previously impressed the team by scoring against them in a U.S. Open Cup tie, was brought on in exchange for Chris Megaloudis. Finally, Macoumba Kandji, was brought in on loan in September, before his transfer was made permanent this off season.

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