Union spotlight: Q&A with Nick Zimmerman

Posted on 01 December 2009 by Breton Bonnette

Welcome to Philadelphia

Welcome to Philadelphia

It’s clear from his expansion draft selections that Piotr Nowak plans to build around a core group of highly touted Major League Soccer prospects: Shea Salinas from the San Jose Earthquakes, Andrew Jacobson from DC United, Dave Myrie from the Chicago Fire…don’t forget to add to that list Nick Zimmerman, a loss to Red Bull New York that has many in that team’s supporters section still scratching their heads.

Well-spoken and professional, the 22-year old winger was one of the only real bright spots for a wayward Red Bull New York squad in 2009. His appearance at mid-season caught many by surprise, displacing the likes of Dane Richards before Juan Carlos Osorio was let go. Stepping into the offseason, ASN Philly thought we’d give Union fans a preview of what is to come from the winger.   

What was your initial reaction to the news you were heading to Philadelphia? A bit surprised to be unprotected?

I was very excited when I heard Philadelphia had drafted me. I see this as a huge opportunity and great chance to continue to develop as a player.

At the end of the season, I knew there was some uncertainty about how the Red Bull organization was going to proceed. Then the Red Bulls sent me with two other players to train with their Salzburg team in Europe for three weeks. It was excellent training and because we were so busy and engaged I really didn’t have a chance to think much about the expansion draft. I realize at the end of the day it’s a business and I very grateful to the Red Bull organization for bringing me into MLS.

What do you see as the positives and negatives of heading into an expansion atmosphere?

I see only positives. Our players are hungry and we have a great technical staff. Ownership is making a huge investment. The city of Philadelphia is known for its loyal sports fans. It’s a great combination.

What are realistic expectations for the Union heading into the inaugural season?

We have seen expansion teams in MLS do very well in a short period of time – just look at Seattle. Also, my experience as a professional is limited so I can better speak to my own personal expectation and that is I am accountable for being prepared and doing everything I can do to help contribute to help the team win and that’s what I plan to do.

What have you heard about Coach Nowak? The Philadelphia Union organization?

I have heard real good things. Coach is a teacher and builder.. and a winner and winning is the bottom line in professional sports. I am very impressed with the investment that ownership has made in this team and it doesn’t get better than Philly as a sports city.

You came from a very successful but less known Division I program in James Madison, what were the positives and negatives of being in such a program?

I had a great coaching staff there that helped me develop as one of the team’s leaders. The school is also well regarded and I feel fortunate to have earned my bachelors degree from JMU. It was a great environment in which to be both a student and an athlete.

How frustrating was last season with the Red Bulls? The initial expectations must have been high coming in as 2008 MLS Cup finalists…in your opinion, what went wrong?

All of the players were very frustrated – nobody likes to lose. In general, professionals should always have high expectations. I was a rookie so I had very little background to evaluate or determine what was going on. My focus was on continuing to develop my skills, work as hard as I could and contribute in any position the coaches wanted me to play.

How do you feel your rookie season ended up?

I think, in general, professionals are never satisfied. I know personally I am at the age that I should be looking to continue to develop and improve. So I viewed my first season as just that – a starting point on which to improve and get better.

In your mind, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Please ask me this question again five years from now and I will have a much better answer for you. I know I was identified as an attacking player – I need to build on this. Obviously, as a rookie with eleven games played I don’t have much experience. So I need to make up for it by working harder.

What improvements are you looking to make this season?

Continue to improve overall conditioning, strength and skills. Generally, get better in every facet of the game.

What’s the plan in the offseason?

Live in the gym and when I’m not there train on the field. Working as hard as I can to get in shape and then keep building on skills.

What are your long-term goals as a player?

Develop as a player and leader and contribute in every way I can to a winning program.

Quick Picks:

Last concert you went to?

Lil Wayne.

Best away game atmosphere?

Seattle, New England, DC United, Toronto

Least favorite pitch to play on?

It seems like I’ve played on everything. In general, artificial turf seems to be a little harder on the legs.

Just from the list of new teammates, who are most interested in meeting?

Donovan McNabb. LOL, although Donovan looks like such a good athlete he probably would be a great forward. The whole team sounds good.

Nick Sakiewicz gives you the checkbook and says sign your ideal teammate, who would that be?

Messi is fun to watch as is Xavi as is .. most of the Barcelona players. Pick one.

If you are not playing soccer, you are…?


What are you most looking forward to in Philly?

Besides soccer, great fans and Philly cheesesteaks.

Who do you think should get the nod for new RBNY coach?

Richie Williams did a good job of generating points at the end of the year when he took over and deserves a look. If the club looks outside of the organization there are a bunch of big names. But don’t discount some of the good, young American coaches like John Hackworth, wait… he’s already ours and we’re not letting him go anywhere.

ASN Philly: Please join us in welcoming Nick into the Union. Along with Nowak’s other core prospects, it seems Nick is ready to do the work needed to find his way onto the field each time out. No disputing that. We look forward to catching up with him when he gets to Philly in early December.

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