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Introducing ‘The Lighthouse’

Posted on 24 February 2010 by Breton Bonnette

After almost a month without confirmation, the Union finally have a formal name to their home. Welcome…

…to the arsenal of soccer-specific stadiums around the country. According to the press release, it looks like PPL EnergyPlus – a retail energy supplier subsidiary of Allentown, PA’s PPL Corporation – is ready to fight Peco for some market share in the Philadelphia metro area. One way to announce that? Become the sole provider of energy to a new stadium located in an area that Peco “controls”.

The Union confirmed an 11-year deal with PPL with industry sources putting the rate at almost $2 million a year. Not too shabby. So The Lighthouse will be shining bright on June 27th if this league doesn’t decide to shoot itself in the foot first.

Why The Lighthouse? Why because of this of course…

Since PPL bought the rights, PPL Park it is, but which nickname fits best?


The Lighthouse – 40% (33 votes)
People’s Park – 34% (28 votes)
Seaport Drive – 17% (14 votes)
The Stadium of Power and Light – 6% (5 votes)

This was an absolute dogfight up until the end. The Lighthouse wins out as the unofficial nickname of PPL Park but I wouldn’t mind alternating between the top three. Seaport Drive started it all so for nostalgia’s sake that might have to stay. The Lighthouse and People’s Park, however, are both worthy candidates for nicknames. I might resurrect this in April or May when it’s close to being done to see if people’s minds change.

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