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Union scrimmage vs. Atlas U-20s gets a little chippy

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Breton Bonnette

The Union is in Mexico for their second phase of preseason and already there’s some drama!

According to the link below and my Spanish is horrific (not to mention Google Translate doesn’t help much), so bear with me and help me out if I missed any details. The Union are based at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) along with the Chicago Fire and will be there for the duration of their trip. The Fire have been rather open about the matches they have set up with Chivas among others but the Union still stays mum, providing only scant details about what they’re up to. So we did a little digging…

The Union played a training match vs. the Atlas U-20 squad yesterday, losing 3-1. It was a 10:30AM match at the MultiGol complex. Things got ugly apparently with three Union players being sent off and two for the Atlas U-20s. The match had to be stopped 12 minutes before time so as not to get out of control.

I’ll try to get details but it’s a vault down there. Most certainly can’t promise anything. An attempt to get some details was met with a member of the communication department stating, “Since I am not in Mexico with the team, I have no knowledge of any scrimmages or exhibition matches”.


Damn! A bunch of U-20 guys really ticking our veterans off? How are we going to be able to handle a leg-breaker like Dema Kovalenko if we can’t handle a chippy Atlas U-20 squad? Let’s not look too much into it. It was, after all, a pretty stressing day yesterday with all of the labor talk and the possibility of a strike. There really isn’t much to take out of this I’m sure and, at the least, it’s good to see these guys getting fired and passionate up in a scrimmage.

In other news, Alejandro Moreno was called up yet again earlier this week as the Venezualan National Team prepares to face Panama and North Korea next week on March 3rd and March 6th respectively.

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  1. dokool Says:

    You've got your dates wrong on Moreno – Venezuela played Japan on February 3rd, and Japan's got a game on 3/3 vs. Bahrain.

  2. bbonnette Says:

    Thanks for the check. Should have Soccernet’ed it. It’s Panama on 3/3, North Korea 3/6. The source I had was wrong to and I corrected them as well as myself.

  3. dokool Says:

    You've got your dates wrong on Moreno – Venezuela played Japan on February 3rd, and Japan's got a game on 3/3 vs. Bahrain.

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