WPS signs Citi as back shirt sponsor

Posted on 12 March 2010 by ASN Staff

Women’s Professional Soccer today, March 12, announced that Citigroup Inc. had signed on as a founding partner for the league. PUMA was a founding partner during the WPS inaugural Season. “Citi recognizes and supports the opportunities that WPS has created for female athletes and women’s soccer players over the past two years and looks forward to continuing to support the growth of youth soccer in communities around the country,” WPS said in its announcement.

As a result of the deal, Citi’s logo will be placed on the backs of all the team uniforms below the numbers, the first-ever national jersey partnership for WPS.

“Given our global reach, Citi is thrilled to contribute to the growth of the world’s most popular game here in the United States,” said Mark Ingall, Citi Managing Director, Global Strategic Media. “More and more Americans, including millions of women and girls, play and follow the game. This partnership will be an effective platform to attract and retain customers, including young women and families in local communities across the country. We are very pleased to support these tremendous athletes and their passionate fans.”

“We are proud to welcome Citi into the WPS family,” said WPS Commissioner Tonya Antonucci. “Our national partners are so vital to the growth of our league and helping spread the message that women’s professional soccer is a world class product that is here for everyone to enjoy in the long term.”

An update from the business side

The league also released information about ticket sales and sponsorships as part of the announcement. Season ticket sales for the six returning teams are up 17% on the whole compared to this time last year — with three of the six teams returning from the 2009 season tracking double their season tickets sold at this same period one year ago. The league has already seen an increase in overall sponsorships from 2009, and is projecting that four of eight teams will feature a jersey partnership this season with logos on the front of their uniforms – a two-fold increase on last year.

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