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Philly signs deal with Panasonic

Posted on 12 January 2009 by ASN Staff

Keystone Sports and Entertainment, LLC, the MLS Philadelphia 2010 ownership group, named Panasonic as the “Official Technology Partner” of its new stadium and waterfront complex, according to the Sports Business Journal.

When the new MLS stadium and waterfront complex opens in 2010 just south of Philadelphia, it will be “Powered by Panasonic” with Panasonic as exclusive provider of broadcast and TV production systems, large screen LED displays, security systems and point-of-sale systems. Panasonic’s participation in the project will be reflected throughout the venue with stadium marks and logos in addition to branding on the main scoreboard and the LED signage.

“Panasonic is a name respected around the globe, recognized for their innovation in consumer electronics and business technology products,” said Nick Sakiewicz, CEO and operating partner of Keystone Sports and Entertainment. “Our fans will be treated to a unique in-stadium experience, ‘Powered by Panasonic.'”

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