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That time again: Predict the 2009 Supporters’ Shield champ, win jersey

Posted on 22 March 2009 by ASN Staff

Call it the American Soccer News First Kick special: We are giving away a free MLS jersey to one lucky reader. To enroll, all you have to do is post a comment in reply to this post with your prediction for who will win the 2009 Supporters’ Shield trophy. (For the uninitiated: the Supporters’ Shield is given to the MLS team that collects the most points over the course of the regular season.)

Simply voting in the poll below does not automatically qualify you. Nor do any of the below terms apply to people who vote in the poll. You have to reply with a comment and valid email address to do that.

The first winner will be drawn at 11pm (EDT) Wednesday night, April 22 at random and announced the morning of Thursday, April 23.

And what if you’re right? The correct answers will be tallied at the end of the season (or whenever the Shield is clinched) with a second winner drawn from that pool.

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Disclaimers (please read this):

  • The jersey has to be in stock on and up to the value of $69.99.
  • Contestants data will be shared with a third party, specifically Subside Sports, which is sponsoring this contest.
  • This giveaway is open to all Internet visitors and comments posted by April 5, 2008.
  • Only one entry per reader is allowed.

A final note of caution: Only one person predicted the Columbus Crew last year and he only did so because nobody else had named the team yet. There is every reason to believe this year’s Supporters’ Shield winner could come from the bottom of last year’s table as well.

38 Comments For This Post

  1. Todd Says:

    Chicago Fire!

  2. Kenny Says:

    houston dynamo

  3. revsfanindc Says:

    Toronto FC

  4. John Says:

    The Massive Columbus!

  5. Jeff Says:


  6. Jeff Garlick Says:

    Chicago Fire ALL THE WAY!

  7. Dave Horn Says:

    from way out in left field, on the upper left coast THE SOUNDERS

  8. AD Says:


  9. FCBeast Says:


  10. Mark Claypool Says:

    Motivated by your Columbus Crew example from last year, _and_ being a Revs fan, I pick ….

    The New England Revolution

  11. Keith Nagy Says:

    I’m gonna have to go with the Chicago Fire on this one.

    Chicago Fire.

  12. Amber Raley Says:

    Despite the slow start I predict Houston Dynamo to win the Supporters’ Shield in 2009.

  13. CBielstein Says:

    KC looked sharp last year, and nobody’s said them yet so…

    Kansas City Wizards.

  14. Ben! Says:


  15. Oliver Says:


  16. Rick Says:

    DC United! (It’s fun to be the underdog.)

  17. Philip Says:

    I’ll take FC Dallas since no one else has
    Only 9 points behind after round 3…….

  18. quibian salazar Says:

    Colorado rapids

  19. Patrick Says:

    Seattle Sounders. Although Chicago seems to be in good form, injuries will plague their season. Seattle has a fresh start and lots of momentum on their side, as well as a great governing system put in place by the owners.

  20. Ken Says:

    Chivas USA.

  21. Amy! Says:

    Chivas USA – not my team, but I think this year is finally the year they show their strengths.

  22. 505anthony Says:

    I want to say NYRB. But my instict tell me this year it will be very straightforward. So my choice is CHIVAS. I know…

  23. BigLance Says:

    Chicago looks good so far on the road, and that's one of the big parts of winning the SS.

    Go Dynamo!

  24. AtomicMonkey Says:

    Houston Dynamo,

    They've been knocking on the door to win it for the last three seasons.

  25. Ryan Says:

    Chicago Fire

    Go Red Bulls.

  26. kidtelex Says:

    had to go against my hometeam… i feel awful

  27. henry5 Says:

    New England Revolution – this is the year they win the Double!

  28. Chris Says:

    Chicago Fire, I'm afraid.

  29. Brandon Says:

    I say the Revolution. Like Chivas, they're playing well with some injuries. But un-like Chivas, they've been there before.

  30. eighmee Says:

    i really feel seattle has a shot this year.

  31. Samantha Miller Says:

    I would have to go with the Seattle Sounders.

  32. Leah Lupu Says:

    FIRE!!! (chicago fire)

  33. Kenny Harkins Says:

    DC. United.


    Lets get me a Jersey!

  34. ASN_Editor Says:

    There are still two teams (both in California) that nobody has picked yet!

  35. J E Lane Says:

    Chivas USA, they work as a team, with everyone healthy, they’ll be on top!

  36. ASN_Editor Says:

    We have our first winner! revsfanindc was drawn at random and will be contacted. There will be other contests though so stay tuned!

  37. Shawn Smith Says:

    Chicago Fire


  38. henry5 Says:


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