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Philadelphia Union vs. San Jose Earthquakes: Player Ratings

Posted on 11 July 2010 by stoma

Chris Seitz (GK) 6: Seriously looked in control, marshaling his defense into the proper position and directing traffic throughout the game.  Ultimately, tough to judge Seitz’s performance here.  While things such as his perfectly struck goal kick leading to Fred’s goal, his direction of the defense on balls coming through to him, and his strong play on set pieces play as high positives, he only saw 3 shots on goal and 2 of them ended up in the back of the net.  Look for continuing positive progression, however, as the blame for either goal could not be honestly be placed at his feet.

Michael Orozco Fiscal (RB) 6- After being returning from his suspension, he stepped right in and confidently struck a long shot that barely missed in the 12th minute.   For the rest of the game, however, he was tasked with holding back for the most part while his opposite wing, Jordan Harvey, took on the offensive responsibilities asked of the wing backs.

Danny Califf (CB) 6.5: He and Chris Seitz are really clicking now. The continuity of the relationship is beginning to show and, despite his demonstrative nature, one cannot help but note that the captain has been a calming influence on his goalkeeper, if not, unfortunately, the other members of the back four.   If there is a failing with Califf, it is an apparent failure to lead communication amongst his fellow defenders.  He is great at going it alone, single-handedly stopping and clearing several potential attacks per game.  But, when coordination is required, such as on the eventual equalizer at the end of the 1st half, Danny has not quite proven his mettle for this team yet.

Cristian Arrieta (CB) 5.5: As has sadly become a pattern this season, his failure to cover for the wing backs pressing up led to Cornell Glen running unmolested to the front of the goal and easily putting away the pass from Chris Wondolowski in the 46th minute to tie up the game at the time.  However, he was able to break his nasty habit of laying off strikers and giving them room to operate, stepping up and blocking a couple of attempted shots in the 2nd half.

Jordan Harvey (LB) 6.5: Much like during the Seattle game, asked to push up from the back in the 1st half, almost creating a 2nd goal on a cross from the left side in the 37th minute.  Really seems to have developed a feel for where the attackers want the ball served.  Caught up in the 46th minute when Wondolowski received a long ball and found Cornell Glen, compounded by the fact that Arrieta never picked Glen up and let him run free to the mouth of the goal for the equalizer.  Was asked to handle most of the offensive responsibilities from the back without recent wing back partner Shea Salinas in the starting lineup.

Fred (MID) 7 *ASN PHILLY MAN OF THE MATCH*: In a bit of a tactical change, Fred began the game as an attacking midfielder on the left wing.  This paid off in the 14th minute when he received Danny Mwanga’s flick-on of a goal kick in stride and banged it home past Jon Busch to open the scoring.  Almost scored a spectacular 2nd goal in the 37th minute on a volley of Jordan Harvey’s cross that went just wide of the far post.  Was able to move to the middle when Salinas came on in the 65th minute.  From there, he provided his unique mix of holding and creating, using his considerable dribbling ability to link the midfield with the attack.  Came off for extra striker Jack McInerney in the 81st minute.

Stefani Miglioranzi (MID) 6: Another quiet yet effective game for Miglioranzi.  An excellent job of holding the ball in the midfield until others could join him from the back and another stellar job of serving as the de facto 5th defender.  In danger of being taken for granted as a result of his uncanny consistency, but every bit a necessary stabilizing force for this burgeoning squad.

Sebastien Le Toux (MID) 6: For possibly the first time this season, it could honestly be said that Seba looked off in the 1st half tonight.  He had a series of unproductive touches in the final third and inexplicably stopped a run that would have put him in on a through-ball from Andrew Jacobson.  He appeared to come to life early in the 2nd half when he chased down a ball from Ale Moreno intended for Danny Mwanga and created a scoring chance from it.  For the rest of the way, looked his pacy, energetic self but, like Mwanga, failed to finish his numerous chances.

Andrew Jacobson (MID 6)- Looked to actively participate in the offense, taking a long shot in the 16th and nearly hitting Le Toux on a lovely through ball later on in the 1st half.  Jacobson could develop into the reliable option at one of the wing midfield spots that this team has been seeking, having already run through Shea Salinas, Roger Torres and Kyle Nakazawa along with the core 3 with uneven results.  Was not able to make as influential an impact in the 2nd half, ultimately leading to his coming off for Salinas in the 65th minute.

Danny Mwanga (FWD) 6.5: The touches are still brilliant, and every time he is in the proximity of a 50/50 ball, you just feel as though he’s going to win it, but after his torrid scoring stretch, there was bound to be a game where he got his chances but just could not finish.  This was it.  All told, he still had a pretty darn good game, with an assist on Fred’s goal by way of a flick-on of Chris Seitz’s goal kick.  Still needs to work on his touches in the final third when creating his own shot is not the end desire.

Alejandro Moreno (FWD) 5: Didn’t really get into this one, as he seemed off his rhythm and not quite 100%, managing only to get into an ongoing tiff with referee Abiodun Okulaja before being taken off for Roger Torres in the 55th minute.  While he did successfully hold up two or three balls in the final third, he was not able to get rid of them as quickly as normal for him.  After the match, Piotr Nowak confirmed that Ale’s knee was not, in fact, completely healed yet.

Roger Torres (MID) 5.5: Came on for Alejandro Moreno in the 55th minute.  Sure, he misfired on an attempted final pass or two , but he also provided several highly productive balls, most notably a feathery chip that sent Sebastien Le Toux in against the keeper in the 87th minute. While it is clear that he will not be winning his starting job back any time soon, there were good signs in short bursts for the soon-to-be 19 year-old.

Shea Salinas (MID) 5.5: Came on for Andrew Jacobson in the 65th minute.  Seemed determined to provide a spark off the bench, as he really participated in the peppering of the San Jose goal in the last half hour of the game.  Was especially adept at finding space on the wings in the final third and sending numerous balls across the goal mouth.

Jack McInerney (FWD) 5.5: Came on for Fred in 81st minute. Albeit only in for about 13 minutes of action, but really showed his highest level of confidence and physicality to date.  Lost possession once and tracked all the way back until he won the ball back; another time he absorbed a body blow that has been regularly knocking him off the ball and successfully dished the ball to his right.  Good signs for Jack Mac, who could develop into a supersub for this team.

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