Philadelphia Union vs. Celtic FC: Player Ratings

Posted on 16 July 2010 by stoma

GK Brad Knighton (5.5)- First start in live action for the Union.  Looked a little skittish early, but seemed buoyed by the fact that he was getting touches in non-pressure situations through the 1st half.

LB Jordan Harvey (6.5)– Celtic appeared to be shutting down the left flank by strategy, perhaps as a result of scouting tape of the Union prior to the match.  Seemed frustrated in the 1st half by the lack of touches and buildup coming through him.  Frustration culminated in a hard challenge to the back of a Celtic attacked in the midfield that earned him a caution in the 37th minute.

CB Cristian Arrieta (6)- Looking more comfortable paired with captain Danny Califf, continued to press closer to the attackers instead of giving space to get comfortable and create. Solid game.

CB Danny Califf (6.5)- Not a lot of action for the central defenders through the 1st half.  Looked a bit shaky on a clearance approximately 30 meters away, but nothing too dangerous came of it.  In the 2nd half, however, the captain really shined.  Early on, with the other 6 field players replaced with youth and only the regular back four intact,

RB Michael Orozco Fiscal (5.5)- Played well on the offensive end when he received the ball in space, but still does not look particularly comfortable pressing up from the fullback position.  Despite his misgivings or lack of natural instinct, he joined the attack in earnest in the limited chances the Union were able to create in the 2nd half.

MID Fred (6)- Really enjoys playing alongside midfielders he can count on to perform holding duties so that he can concentrate on linking the attack, getting into a dangerous position himself, and creating.  Hopefully, we’re beginning to see a shape Piotr Nowak and staff can count on to produce more goals in the last two-thirds of the season.

MID Eduardo Coudet (6)- Making his first appearance in a Union uniform. Played aside Miglioranzi in the center of the diamond the 4 midfielders form.  Seemed a bit uneven at the outset, laying off and going for long balls instead of maintaining the buildup, but showed patience when he found himself in space just atop the penalty box.  He managed to hold the ball just long enough to allow Sebastien Le Toux to find space along the defensive line, then put the ball through beautifully to put Seba in for the game’s only goal.  At 35, not sure what promise this journeyman shows as part of a developing franchise, but on this night, he looked to be a stabilizing force.

MID Stefani Miglioranzi (5.5)- Whether with Jacobson, as we had seen in the prior couple of matches, or tonight with trialist Eduardo Coudet, looks incredibly solid when paired with another pure holding midfielder.  The team really takes shape when it’s Migs and another true central midfielder in the middle of the diamond.

MID Roger Torres (5.5) – Lively and energetic, but didn’t really get a chance to produce anything before being injured, carried off the field and subbed for in the 44th minute.   The way he was working channels leads one to believe that he may have created something had he been able to stay on the pitch.

FWD Danny Mwanga (5.5)- The nightmare continued, as he had two consecutive chances early on that were shut down by opposing keeper Dominic Cervi.  As was also the case against San Jose, his touches intended for others around the area were somewhat lacking.

FWD Sebastien Le Toux (6.5) – Was able to find space early, seemed a bit more patient despite the frustration he faced against San Jose last time out.  Paid off in the 23rd minute when he sat level with the center back before receiving a pass from trialist Eduardo Coudet, shaking goalkeeper Dominic Cervi with a hard cut right, and putting it home to open (and close) the scoring.


MID Andrew Jacobson (6)– Came on for injured Roger Torres in the 44th minute.  Looked eager to shoot; unfortunately, he may have been the only one, as the offense sputtered with the most inexperienced group on the pitch for the 2nd half.

GK Brian Perk (6.5) * ASN PHILLY MAN OF THE MATCH *- Came on at halftime for his first appearance of the season, and only managed to completely electrify the crowd while withstanding a late barrage of shots when Celtic’s pride came to life. First impressions are often the most lasting, and we could be seeing the makings of a fan favorite here.  Showed the decisiveness that Chris Seitz lacked at the start of the season right from his first minute.  We join everyone else in waiting with baited breath for his next appearance.

FWD Nick Zimmerman (5.5)- Came on at halftime.   Looks natural at the top of the attack and very apparently enjoys the space he finds.  However, like most of the young attacking talent, he lacks the creative final touches and passes

FWD Jack McInerney (5.5)- Came on at halftime and showed that, despite his youth, showed that he is already the most polished of the teen contingent this side of Danny Mwanga.  Him and practice partner Nick Zimmerman featured some solid combos but were unable to work the final pass to get through to a real chance.  Jack Mac continues to impress.

MID Amobi Okugo (5)- Came on at halftime and looked the most comfortable of the young midfielders.  Presumably, these gentlemen have been working together steadily on the practice field, and Okugo appeared most ready to make that translate over to live game action.

MID Toni Stahl (4)- Came on at halftime and reprised his First Kick cameo, featuring several reckless slide tackles that eventually drew him a yellow card followed by a second and his second sending off in as many appearances for the Union.  We’d be surprised to see Stahl step on the field in a Philadelphia uniform again anytime soon, if ever.

MID JT Noone (5.5)- Came on at halftime for his first appearance in a Philadelphia uniform (or that of any MLS team, for that matter)  Appeared to have some difficulty adjusting to the speed of the game and got knocked off the ball a few times, but the natural talent is evident and here’s hoping we see more of this kid soon.

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