Philadelphia Union vs. New England Revolution: Player Ratings

Posted on 01 August 2010 by stoma

Perovic scores...ASNPhilly, Lee Pease

GK Chris Seitz (6)– One would like to excuse him for failing to read the hellacious bounce from Marko Perovic’s equalizer in the 71st minute simply because it was a strange hop, but properly judging balls from the ground remains Seitz’s one glaring weakness.  There was nothing else going on around him, and the shot came from 45 yards; that’s a play he needs to make.  He needs to see that the ball is arcing down and will bounce up, not driving down to stay low off the bounce.  On the other hand, Nowak and Seitz cited a divot or other ground irregularity that made an otherwise routine save anything but.  Otherwise, a strong outing from the keeper, as he showed confidence in coming off his line when necessary and appeared to have several near misses from the Revolution covered had they stayed on frame.

RB Michael Orozco Fiscal (6.5)- Really held his own in the 1st half as he stayed back to allow Jordan Harvey to press up on the shaded half of the field.  For the first time all season, the Union did not look particularly vulnerable on the wings, and Orozco-Fiscal was a major reason why.   In the 2nd half, playing on the shaded side of the field, it was his turn to push forward, and he managed to get himself into a dangerous position several times.  Unfortunately, nothing materialized from it.

CB Danny Califf (5.5)- A solid but unspectacular game from the captain.   He made a couple of crucial clearances and a offered a successful intervention at the goal line in the 2nd half, but did not provide any helpful touches from the back to spark a buildup.  Califf seems to adopt the approach of “clear now, ask questions later”, which has certainly helped relieve the stress on his young goalkeeper, but if this team is going to continue to mature, the captain will have to eschew the cautious route more often and trust in his teammates.

CB Cristian Arrieta (6)- Found himself covering out wide early, acquitting himself well this time around.  The Union have made a noticeably concerted effort to tighten their ranks down the flanks defensively, and the men at the back executed their orders well throughout the game.   

LB Jordan Harvey (5)- Not one of his better days.  He disappeared through most of the 1st half, caught in no-man’s land between attacking and defending, instead yo-yoing his way back and forth.  When he did get the ball up front, he did not do anything particularly helpful.  During the flurry to find a winner at the end, Harvey made several sloppy touches and failed to corral a ball in the area that he could have put home.  If you’re going to press forward from the fullback position, you need to be able to improve the chances of the offense for the sacrifice to the defense to be worth.

MID Sebastien Le Toux (7) * ASN PHILLY MAN OF THE MATCH*- Appeared to take a knock in the 14th minute, coming down gingerly off a jump for an air challenge, but came back firing, drawing a corner in the 16th minute after beating the defense to the side with his speed and getting off a shot that was blocked.   He then unleashed one of the prettiest goals of the season in the 25th minute, bending the ball so much that Beckham may or may not have called at halftime for advice.  After cutting a pass inside to Danny Mwanga, he followed it to the top of the 18, took the return pass and curled it far post to the right upper corner of the goal for his 8th of the season and a 1-0 lead.

MID Stefani Miglioranzi (5.5)- Another quiet, unassuming game from the league leader in that category.  He and Coudet took a decidedly more defensive role for this game as part of Nowak’s new tactical employment of the midfield.  Migs provided his usual stability in assistance to the defenders, but mostly deferred to Coudet in terms of linking to the attack.

MID Eduardo Coudet (6)- In his first league action with the Union, he actually helped on defense effectively early on.   With Miglioranzi, neutralized Sharlie Joseph and Pat Phelan throughout the 1st half.  When the team gets numbers forward, Coudet is the team’s choice to hold and deliver the ball forward from the back of the midfield, which certainly says something for the trust he has earned from his teammates and the coaching staff in his short time with the club.  Went off in the 83rd minute for Jack McInerney as the team went for the win.

MID Fred (6.5)- Almost made something out of nothing twice early on, first coming within an inch of sneaking a through ball to a wide open Danny Mwanga in the 5th minute and then on a cheeky attempted chip to Mwanga again in the 10th minute.  Was given more freedom during this game, not strictly playing the wing opposite Le  Toux, but roaming all over the offensive side of the midfield.  It appears as though Piotr Nowak has abandoned all pretenses and is simply playing Fred and Le Toux as attacking mids while Miglioranzi join the back of the formation in a glorified 4-2-2-2.  Came off for Andrew Jacobson in the 77th minute to allow Seba to head to the top as a 3rd striker.

FWD Danny Mwanga (6)- Made several threatening runs in the final third, most without the ball, a sure sign of his continuing development.  Showed real strength in holding off Emmanuel Osei before leaving the ball off to Le Toux in the 25th for the goal, despite being less than 100% with an illness.  This ultimately left him unable to go the full 90 minutes and he was replaced by Justin Mapp in the 56th minute.

FWD Alejandro Moreno (5)-
The slide to obscurity in this offensive unfortunately continues for Alejandro.  As the long balls are increasingly being used to spring Mwanga or allow Le Toux to use his pace, Ale’s style of holding up is finding less and less use with every passing game.   While he did play an integral role in setting up a number of the shots towards the end of the game, that situation is not typical and Moreno needs to find his role on this team before it is too late.

FWD Justin Mapp (5.5)– Came on in his debut for Mwanga in the 56th minute.  Seemed a bit bewildered at the prospect of stepping on the field for a team other than the Chicago Fire, but that will pass with time.  And when it does, the Union are going to have a perfect blend of youth and experience to complement breakout star Sebastien Le Toux.  For now, however, Mapp was not able to get into the flow of the offense and missed a couple of clear chances by a fair bit.  Count on things going up from here.

MID Andrew Jacobson (5.5)- Came on for Fred in the 77th minute and provided his usual injection of energy.  At this point in the season, it is fair to say that Jacobson, Shea Salinas and Nick Zimmerman create the most excitement when one sees them warming on the sideline preparing to enter the game.  You just know these three are going to go hard for whatever limited time they have on the pitch and sell out to help their team succeed.

FWD Jack McInerney (N/A)- Came on for Coudet in the 83rd minute.  Was involved in pushing play forward to go for the winner, but did not make a significant impact on the game.

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  1. Yo-Joe Says:

    Seitz as 6? Should have stopped the ball, and that sucked the life from the team. I'd say 3.5. Otherwise, the ratings seem to be in the ballpark, but I thought Califf had a stronger game than you did.

  2. glav Says:

    Cut him some slack, that was one of the weirdest bounces i've ever seen. If you watch the replay from a good angle, you'll see the ball reaches shoulder level at the highest off of the kick, and after hitting the ground, bounces into the roof of the net. That's just a bad bounce.

    I'm by no means a Seitz supporter, but that's not his fault.

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