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Twenty questions with Dave van den Bergh

Posted on 23 December 2009 by pwoodruff

Dave van den Bergh

In the second annual installment of an interview with three FC Dallas players, I (with the help of my two kids) came up with 20 questions not really related to soccer to get to know them a little better. It seems to be fun for them and is certainly a blast for me. This version was done back on July 3 but I decided to wait until the off season started for FCD to keep the north Texas boys in the news a little longer. I picked three of more popular ones at the time in Dax McCarty, Dave van den Bergh and Drew Moor. The Drew Moor interview was posted Oct. 31, the McCarty piece last week. Third up is Dave van den Bergh, who joined the team from the New York Red Bulls in the offseason.

1. What is must see tv for you?
“The Mentalist”.

2. Your favorite non-sports video game?
“I don’t play video games, too old”.

3. A chick flick you hate to admit you actually like?
“The Proposal”.

4. Hollywood makes a movie about you, who stars as you?
“It would have to be a funny guy, Will Ferrell”.

5. Hollywood picks you to star in a romantic comedy, who do you pick as your leading lady?

“Ashley Judd”.

6. Dogs or cats and why?

“We’re gonna have both ‘cause the kids love both”.

7. What’s you hidden talent?
“I cook”.

8. You get a free dinner and four guests anywhere you want, where do you pick and who do you pick?
“A steakhouse and my best bud, my dad, I’m going for live people here, plus I don’t want to have to go thru dinner having to get to know someone. I’ll take people that I know, so I’ll take my oldest son ‘cause he can talk and my youngest can’t”.

9. You have to get a real job, in the real world and can not be sports related, what kind of job is it?
“Something in finance”.

10. One question you’ve never been asked but always wanted to be asked and what is the answer?
“Believe me, I’ve been asked a lot of questions, like my favorite chick flick. I can’t think of any”.

11. Of the following four magazines, which one are you most likely to be on the cover of, GQ, Men’s Health, Time or The National Enquirer?

12. If you could pick any soccer team overseas to play for that you haven’t played for, who would it be?

13. If you were a pro wrestler what would your name be?
“The Flying Dutchman”.

14. An ex-teammate at any level you miss the most?
“It would be a Dutch guy, you guys do not know him. Kasper Neelis (sp?), my former goalie”.

15. The weirdest autograph request you’ve ever had?

16. Twenty years from now you would make a better ref, coach or general manager?
“Twenty years: coach. Thirty years: general manager”.

17. Before a big game you have to choose one of the following, a Mohawk or dye your hair pink?
“Dye it pink. Support Breast Cancer”.

18. Your favorite non-soccer team of all-time?
“Boston Celtics”.

19. When did you know you were going to be a pro athlete?
“About 17”.

20. Five minutes before the game, an alien spaceship kidnaps all the keepers, coach makes you the keeper, how good do you do?
“Oh we would lose the game”.

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