Who do you want to see ASN ‘tweeterview’?

Posted on 28 August 2009 by ASN Staff

Who will it be?

AmericanSoccerNews.net was one of the first publications to embrace Twitter as journalistic tool one year ago (almost to the day). We’ve since seen the technology explode–for good and bad. We recently came across Tweeterview, a site that allows users to conduct interviews through Twitter, and thought it would be a great idea to try it out. As we all know, professional soccer players have been embracing Twitter in large numbers. So who do you want as our first subject?

Update: Polls have closed and Stuart Holden (@stuholden22) is the winner as evidenced below. We are trying to track him down to arrange a time to do the tweeterview. Stay tuned (also via out Twitter feed).

[polldaddy poll=”1928739″]

(Note that none of the subjects have agreed to be interviewed yet. So if the “winner” refuses the tweeterview, we will move to the runner-up. If the runner-up refuses, we will try with the third-place finisher, etc. If all six refuse? We will shut down operations because it will not be worth our–or your–while to continue something that clearly has no respect from soccer players or their agents).

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