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Posted on 31 August 2009 by ASN Staff

We proclaimed a “possible paradigm shift” in the power structure of Major League Soccer after a trio of 3-0 victories by the Columbus Crew, New York Red Bulls and DC United (ASN, Aug. 26, 2008).

Clearly, we were wrong on two of the three. DC United didn’t even make the playoffs last season and the Red Bulls only did so as the very last of eight teams. While New York went on an improbable playoff run to capture the Western Conference title before losing MLS Cup, this is now viewed as an aberration after the depths to which the team plunged in 2009. That leaves Columbus, which went on to capture the Supporters’ Shield and MLS Cup and is this season once again atop the Eastern Conference, as the surviving “new force”.

Of course, with parity the order of the day in MLS, can there really be (serious) talk of individual team dominance of any kind?

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