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Crew quell the Revolution

Posted on 12 May 2010 by jzidar

In a weekend filled with high scoring matches the Columbus v New England match was no exception.  The only difference was that unlike the other matches this one wasn’t a lopsided blowout.







Bench: Schoeni, Iro, Zayner, Ekpo(Moffat 78′), Renteria, Herrera(Lenhart 90′), Garey(Padula 71′)

New England






Bench: Shuttleworth, Castro, Colaluca, Mansally, Schilawski(Barnes 92′)

Neither of the two teams had many attempts on goal during the opening 45 but they both managed to make the most of the few they earned. New England only managed two shots but made them count. Similarly the Crew managed 3 shots overall, 2 of which were on goal. In the 29th minute Zak Boggs drew first blood by launching low skipping ball beneath a diving William Hesmer.

Two minutes later Robbie Rogers lobbed in an early cross that found the head of Cory Gibbs who attempted to clear it but instead set it in the path of an on rushing Eddie Gaven who collected it at the top of the box, dribbled a couple of steps and then blasted the ball inside the far post past the outstretched arms of Preston Burpo. Warzycha praised his work rate throughout the match as well as in the past couple games, “He had a very good game in Seattle and obviousle tToday he was very active and was getting behind the defense quite a bit.”

Columbus would take the lead 4 minutes later off yet another defensive mistake by Gibbs.  A beautiful passing sequence began in the back with Chad Marshall sending the ball up to Robbie Rogers. Rogers dropped the ball to Gino Padula and then raced up the wing. Padula one times the ball to the feet of Brian Carroll who flicks it past the defense and into the path of Rogers. Rogers receives the ball on the edge of the box and one times it across the box on the ground towards Guillermo Barros Schelotto who is advancing on the back post.  Gibbs is heading towards the near post and is between Schelotto and the ball, he slides for the block but ends up knocking the ball past Burpo and into the net.  Gibbs’ didn’t have much of a choice in how to play the ball, he had to slide if he was to reach the ball in time. If he hadn’t slid the ball would have reached Schelotto, who had already gotten on the inside of Khano Smith, and surely would have resulted in a goal anyway.

Five minutes before the half time whistle Boggs struck again. Boggs dribbled along the top of the area through multiple defenders before laying it off to Pat Phelan. Phelan one timed it to Dube at the top of the box who one touched it across the box and back to Boggs who struck a solid ball from 15 yards out that snuck past Hesmer.

Ramon Hernandez blew the whistle for the break and both teams went into the locker room with a lot of questions. Could New England, the obviously inferior team, keep up with the ever increasing pressure of the Crew’s attack while maintaining a consistent offensive threat of their own?  Could the Crew salvage what should be an easy victory at home against a short handed and all around less talented opponent?

As the two teams came out of the locker rooms and the second half kicked off it was immediately obvious which team wanted the win and which team was content with the tie. Columbus pushed and pushed the entire half only to be denied over and over. New England got off a handful of shots here and there but Columbus had nearly three times as many.

As the game entered stoppage time it looked as if New England was going to get their wish and escape Crew Stadium with a point but then the inevitable happened.  Moments after Sergio Herrera took the field for the Crew for the first time since joining the squad in the preseason he began the attack that would lead to the winning goal. Herrera gave the ball to Schelotto who crossed it towards Garey who was making a run to the far post. Garey headed the ball beneath Burpo’s legs and at the goal.  Herrera would have put it away but it appeared as if Barnes shove him into the goal and then knocked the ball out. It was all in vain though because the deflection land directly at the feet of Rogers who calmly placed the ball in the back of the net from 4 yards out.  Warzycha had this to say about the young wingers current show of effort, “He is trying hard. Sometimes he is not producing because of different things but I have to say he is trying hard. Today he got rewarded for working very hard on both sides of the ball.”

Player Ratings

(Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

Hesmer: 6  (Wasn’t tested very often but showed mixed results the few times he saw the ball. Not much he could have done about the second goal but has no excuse on missing the first)

Hejduk: 7  (Typical performance from the skipper. Solid in the back and made good offensive runs)

Brunner: 6 (Had a solid match. Match fitness is still a bit of a question coming off his concussion considering he was seen holding his head during the match)

Marshall: 7 (The glue that holds the back line together. Brought stability to a defense that fell apart a week earlier)

Padula: 7 (Nothing extraordinary this match. A perfect mirror of Hejduk with fantastic defensive work and exceptional passing and offensive forays)

Carroll: 6 (The silent guardian in the middle. Made a few nice passes and botched a few as well)

Gaven: 9 MOTM (This was the Eddie Gaven show! Out of 13 total Crew shots 7 came from him. Lead the charge and easily could have had 1 or 2 more goals. His heel shot in the final minutes was a play of pure genius and was incredibly unlucky to have it bounce off the crossbar)

Moffat: 5 (Almost a non-factor in this match.  Contributed the least on both sides of the ball)

Rogers: 8 (Played like a mad man. Ran at defenders all night and wasn’t afraid to crack a a few shots from distance. Its been a long time coming but he is finally played up to his potential. If he focuses and refines his skills a little more and he’ll be a star soon enough)

Schelotto: 6 (Had a quiet night. Did better in the second half when he had two forwards to feed balls,which revives the question of why Warzycha continues to play him up top rather than as a CAM)

Lenhart: 6 (Pushed and shoved and fought all night. Didn’t have many looks at goal but did blow a fantastic breakaway late in the game)

Garey: 7 (Revitalized the offense with his fresh legs and dangerous runs/positioning.  Could have easily scored the game winner if not for the goal line block by Barnes)

Ekpo: 6 (Added speed to the late game and forced already exhausted Rev defenders to chase him. Still hesitates when it comes to making decisions with the ball at his feet)

Herrera: (He didn’t really play long enough to deserve a ranking but he did play an important role in the final goal by setting up the passing sequence and being in a dangerous position in the box that opened up Rogers for the goal)

Warzycha: 8 (A big improvement over past games.  Kept the teams spirits up and motivated them to push for the when going into the second half.  Finally used his subs before the 85th minute and made smart decisions when the changes came.  Warzycha said he was “trying to change the luck” when he made the change from Lenhart to Herrera, thankfully it paid off)

Referee: Ramon Hernandez, Referee Assistants: Jason Cullum and Steven Taylor, 4th Official: Jeff Gontarek

Attendance: 10,197

Weather at kickoff: 47 degrees and cloudy with strong winds

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