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Crew are ‘one and done’ against Chivas

Posted on 03 July 2010 by jzidar

Saturday Chivas USA traveled to Columbus to face the undefeated Crew hoping to be the first team to notch a win against the defending Supporters Shield winners.  Just a week after the Crew defeated New England 3-2 on a stoppage time goal by Robbie Rogers they once again left their fans biting their nails until the final minute.







Bench: Schoeni, Iro, O’Rourke(Padula 66′), Ekpo(Gaven 81′), Garey(Lenhart 75′), Renteria, Herrera

Chivas USA






Bench: Guppy, Borja, Romero, Saragosa(Lahoud 83′), Macotelo, Chijindu(Braun 92′), Santos(Padilla 90′)

The Crew dominated the majority of play in the first half managing seven shots, four of which were on target, and should have gone into the locker room with at least one goal. Meanwhile Chivas only had four looks at goal but failed to put any on frame or cause Hesmer to make a save. However the beautiful game doesn’t always play out as expected and thus the half time whistle blew with the teams still locked at 0-0.

The second half began and it was immediately obvious that momentum had shifted. Chivas was maintaining a majority of possession and really pressed Columbus. When the Crew did have time on the ball they had trouble breaking into the final third and only managed four shots.  The stats don’t often tell the whole story in soccer but this is an exception.  Chivas had 10 shots in the second 45 but their accuracy was still lacking with them only placing 3 of them on goal.

A lack of finishing was the story of the day for both teams. With the exception of a scorching blast by Moffat in the 27th minute Columbus’ best attempts came off the head of Lenhart who was an aerial threat all match.  Time and time again the Crew sent the ball in from the wings towards the flying golden afro but neither Schelotto, Gaven or Rogers could manage to provide a cross with enough speed for Lenhart to redirect with any power.  Every cross was a high floating ball rather then the low flying, rocket paced crosses forwards really need to get good power off the redirect.  Chivas faired no better when it came to placing the ball in the net. In the 58th minute Chivas made their way into the Columbus box due to a series of deft passes and some fancy footwork on the end line by Sacha Kljestan. Bornstein received the ball at the top of the six yard box and had Hesmer beat when he shot far post but the ball lacked pace and Padula ran in at the last second to clear it off the line.  Not even 30 seconds late Chivas yet again was able to sneak inside the Crew’s 18 and this time Justin Braun got a shot at the top of the 6 yard box and yet again Padula flew in to save the day and headed the ball off the goal line.

As the clock ticked down emotions were running high and both teams were playing a bit reckless in an attempt to claim three points.  Chivas has always been known has a physical team and a club that wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty at times.  A lot of that was attributed to the leadership of Preki, who was the coach from 2007-2009, and if that is the case than while the former Everton man may no longer lead the team his ideals still remain.  Chivas committed multiple hard fouls against the Crew throughout the match and got away with it more often than not.  But finally in the 88th minute the referee, Jeff Gontarek, made the call that mattered. The Crew had earned a free kick 25 yards out and has usual Schelotto stood patiently over the ball was his comrades positioned themselves in the box.  Schelotto sent the ball soaring across the box towards the head of Chad Marshall, the 2008 and 2009 MLS Defender of the year who notched four goals each of his award winning seasons as well as two additional goals in the ’08 playoffs. As Marshall left his feet Justin Braun grabbed the back of the Columbus defender and took him to the ground just outside the 6 yard box.  Gontarek had no choice but to point to the spot. Columbus may have had trouble with finishing but when it comes to penalties Schelotto is deadly having taken 12 during his Crew career 10 of which went straight in and one which was blocked but was immediately knocked back in by the Argentine legend.  Schelotto pounded the ball just to the left of Thornton who got his fingertips on it but didn’t provide enough resistance to stop the shot.  Chivas coach Martin Vasquez had questions about the play that led to the penalty kick,  “I have my doubts about the previous foul that led to that play. Thats the empty feeling that it leaves you after the game. We had chances, we played well against a very good team and we go home empty so we’re disappointed.”

Player Ratings

(On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best)

Hesmer: 6 (Played solid after a shaky performance last week. Came up with a couple big saves)

Hejduk: 6 (Nothing remarkable on either side of the ball)

Brunner: 5 (Still handles the ball sloppy at times and continues to make poor decisions when it comes to dropping the ball to Hesmer. Should be sat in favor of Iro til he can prove he is back in form)

Marshall: 6 (Held the back line together despite them overall not playing their best. Drew the foul that led to the game winning penalty)

Padula: 7 (Got beat speed wise a couple times but as usual made up for it with his positioning. Cleared the ball off the goal ling two separate times to keep the Crew in the game)

Carroll: 5 (Continues to have issues with his first touch as well as his distribution)

Gaven: 6 (A different Eddie than the week before. Smart decisions on and off the ball but didn’t lead the attack like he had against New England)

Moffat: 6 ( Had a wicked shot off a free kick that forced Thornton make a big save. Involved himself in the attack and the defense but his distribution from the middle leaves something to be desired)

Rogers: 6 (Like Eddie, he had a quiet match.  Didn’t run at defenders or provide solid crosses. Seemed to be pushed up a little higher than usual)

Schelotto: 7 (Didn’t accomplish a whole lot up top and wasn’t able to connect with Lenhart very well. Scored the game winning penalty but then again he has only missed from the spot once for the Crew so the outcome is to be expected)

Lenhart: 6 (Did a lot of running and fighting without much to show for it. Needed better service from the wings for his aerial game to be effective)

O’Rourke: 6 (No real change in play be it better or worse when he replaced Padula. Didn’t make much of an impact despite having fresh legs)

Garey: 7 (Revived the offense a bit with his speed and presence of mind when it came to making runs and linking with Schelotto)

Ekpo: 6 (Didn’t have the opportunity to change the game due to the few minutes he had on the field and the fact that Chivas was to tired to chase him and would just stall his attack with fouls)

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