MLS players will not start season with existing CBA

Posted on 16 March 2010 by ASN Staff

John Wolyniec ©Keith Furman / First Row Photos

Was anybody holding out hope that Major League Soccer might kick off its 2010 season under the existing collective bargaining agreement? In case you were; don’t. Because MLS players are united in their stance and will not take the field without a new CBA, according to John Wolyniec, the union representative for the New York Red Bulls.

The union twice agreed to extend a previous “no lockout/no strike” provision. Since Feb. 25 it has been operating without one, while continuing preseason preparations under the old CBA. The league has said it is willing to play the season under the old CBA, but the union will only do so until March 25.

Wolyniec did not rule out a walkout before March 25 either. “It’s hard to say exactly when, just because there’s a lot of moving parts and it’s a pretty fluid situation,” he told ASN at the Red Bulls media day event. “The best I can tell you is that we will not start the season without [a new CBA].”

Update: Sure enough, SoccerByIves is reporting the union is prepared to walk this Monday, March 22.

Photo credit Keith Furman / First Row Photos

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