MLS, players union ink five year CBA deal

Posted on 20 March 2010 by ASN Staff

Major League Soccer and the MLS players union today announced a new five year collective bargaining agreement.

MLS commissioner Don Garber

“This is a great way for Major League Soccer to start its 15th season,” said MLS commissioner Don Garber. “It’s an agreement that will set the stage for a new relationship…between Major League soccer and its players.”

“It’s a solid agreement that ensures that our fans will enjoy the start of this season and a great product on the field for years to come,” said Bob Foose, executive director of the players union.

MLS players won concessions from the league in four areas, per Foose:

  • Guaranteed contracts
  • Improved player movement
  • Increased salaries
  • Increased opportunities to earn money from revenue sharing

Details remain elusive but Garber did say there would be a “re-entry draft” for players with a certain level of experience whose contracts had expired. There will not be free agency and the league will maintain its single entity structure.

Both sides largely dodged questions on specifics of the new terms when asked on the conference call. But Garber assured fans this was because the league needed time to document the new CBA in a media release. ASN will of course pass this information on as soon as we receive it.

The agreement beats a March 23 deadline imposed by the union, whose members had agreed to strike if no deal was in place at that time. More importantly, it removes the sense of menace and uncertainty that had been hanging over the league for months.

Garber praised the players professionalism and focus during the negotiations as well as federal mediator George Cohen, who he said reached out to the league “about two months ago,” though he did not step in until March 5.

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