ASN Twitter follower standings, round six

Posted on 09 April 2010 by ASN Staff

It’s been over a month since round five and a full quarter year since we rolled out this feature, which tracks the number of followers each Major League Soccer team has through its ASN Twitter account. Time to revisit!

1. (1). LA Galaxy: 833 followers (18 more than on March 1)
2. (2). Seattle Sounders FC: 617 (+34)
3. (3). New York Red Bulls: 580 (+60)
4. (4). Toronto FC: 464 (+48)
5. (5). Chicago Fire: 398 (+12)
6. (6). Houston Dynamo : 386 (+20)
7. (7). Chivas USA: 334 (+9)
8. (9). Columbus Crew: 316 (+19)
9. (8). DC United: 311 (+2)
10. (10). New England Revolution: 294 (+10)
11. (12). Philadelphia Union: 282 (+28)
12 (11). Real Salt Lake: 265 (+7)
13. (14). San Jose Earthquakes: 246 (+12)
14. (13). FC Dallas: 245 (+9)
15. (15). Kansas City Wizards: 237 (+32)
16. (16). Colorado Rapids: 184 (+14)

The surge of good press and good vibes (not to mention the launch of an independent podcast) associated with the New York Red Bulls and their new ground have also played out in the Twitter world. The @rbnyASN account added a net of 60 followers the last month, or an average of two per day. Despite this surge, the Red Bulls remain in third place, thanks in no small part to continued strong growth from @SoundersASN. But the gap between second and third place has narrowed, from 63 last month to just 37. Both Red Bulls and Sounders accounts gained ground on first place @LAgalaxyASN, which had a poor month but remains far ahead, a likely repercussion of the Beckham years. @TorontoFCasn had another strong month, adding more followers than anybody but the Red Bulls. Who added the third-most? How about the small-market @KCwizardsASN, who are rapidly gaining on places 13 (@QuakesASN) and 14 (@FCdallasASN)!

On the other end of the scale, DC United’s slow start appears to have affected @dcuASN, which grew by a minuscule two followers last month. Come to think of it, weren’t DC the team Kansas City drubbed 4-0 in the season opener? Maybe results on the field do have an effect? @ChivasASN, which grew by just nine followers, has also started very slowly. Then again, so too has Toronto FC.

There are obvious many factors affecting the number of followers each team has. What are the biggest ones, in your opinion?

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Oh by the way: Just in case you were wondering, ASN’s “mothership” Twitter account, @amersocc, which covers broader (not always team-specific) issues affecting the American game, boasts 1,238 followers at the time of this writing. Our Women’s Professional Soccer account, @wpsASN, was followed by an even 700 people.

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