Unlucky TFC eliminated from CCL

Posted on 05 August 2009 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC entered Tuesday night’s match needing a win to extend their stay in the CCL.  At the end, the task was too difficult and the return of Amado Guevara no help as luck was not in their favor.

With the return of Guevara and Nana Attakora still away with an injury the line up  only saw one change from the previous match.

Keeper: Stefan Frei
Defenders: Marvell Wynne, Adrian Serioux, Nick Garcia, Jim Brennan
Midfielders: Amado Guevara, Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson, Pablo Vitti
Forwards: Dwayne De Rosario, Ali Gerba

The match started off very similar to the last encounter between the two teams; dull and lacking excitement. The chances, discipline and possession were shared quite evenly between the two sides. At the end of the half Puerto Rico looked to be in the driving seat as TFC managed only few scoring threats.

In the second half, perhaps motivated by a sense of urgency, TFC fought to dominate with the greater number of chances and possession. But luck was not on their side, as the scoring opportunities finished short, hitting the upright or being saved by Puerto Rico’s excellent goalkeeper. Late in the second half the home side had a player ejected from the match but it was too little too late for Toronto to take the advantage from the call.

Final score: Toronto FC 0, Puerto Rico Islanders 0 (Puerto Rico Advance due to 1-0 aggregate)

Toronto will now head home to take on Real Madrid in a friendly on Friday. They will stay home and have the weekend off until next Saturday when they return to MLS action as they take on D.C. United.

On a more positive note following this result, TFC can now focus on their MLS play and aim to get into the play-offs.

Ratings for TFC players from 1 (low) to 10 (high), ranked by position:

Stefan Frei: 7
Had little to do and was not tested greatly; did well when called upon. He was beaten by a shot but will be happy to see it hit the post.

Marvell Wynne: 8.5
A great performance on his behalf, by far stood out and was the only TFC player that was willing to attack. He contributed defensively and offensively.

Adrian Serioux: 7.5
Held the ball well in the back to deny them opportunities.

Nick Garcia: 7.5
Did well to keep up with the opposition and deny the speedy strikers.

Jim Brennan: 7
Contributed well defensively and offensively but nothing special, decent performance.

Carl Robinson: 7
Had a more defensive role with Marvel Wynne’s attacking presence in the game. But did well overall. 

Sam Cronin: 6.5
Not one of his best games, didn’t see much of the ball needs to earn the teams trust once again.

Pablo Vitti: 7.5
Did well, but still should be doing better. Had a few chances but were too weak to trouble the keeper. Seems to have terrible luck when it comes to shots on goal.

Dwayne De Rosario: 8
Tried to do the best of his ability to break the defense and try to get a goal but he could only do so much.

Amado Guevara: 7
Not one of his better games in the first half, but improved his performance in the second creating better chances. He needs consistency.

Ali Gerba: 7
Was unlucky and unable to break the defense, a few penalty calls waved off from a very questionable referee.

Subs Used:
Chad Barrett: 6.5
Came on for Cronin, disappointing performance coming off the bench, his crosses were inaccurate. Very nervous and trying too hard to impress rather than do what he is capable of doing.

Danny Dichio: 7.5
Came on for Guevara, and did very well in the short period of time on. He was denied by the post, seems unlucky at times. It is questionable why he did not start the match.

O’Brian White: N/A
Came on for Brennan to attempt to help the attack for the dying minutes of the game but only had one touch that was shot over the bar.

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