ASN Twitter follower standings, round seven

Posted on 05 May 2010 by ASN Staff

It’s the start of a new month, which means it is time to revisit our Twitter account standings! This table tracks the number of followers each Major League Soccer team has through its ASN Twitter account. We launched this feature
about six months ago.

1. (1). LA Galaxy: 837 followers (4 more than on April 9)
2. (2). Seattle Sounders FC: 620 (+3)
3. (3). New York Red Bulls: 615 (+35)
4. (4). Toronto FC: 529 (+63)
5. (5). Chicago Fire: 401 (+3)
6. (6). Houston Dynamo : 385 (-1)
7. (7). Chivas USA: 340 (+6)
8. (8). Columbus Crew: 325 (+9)
9. (11). Philadelphia Union: 317 (+35)
10. (9). DC United: 311 (+0)
11. (10). New England Revolution: 294 (+0)
12 (12). Real Salt Lake: 267 (+2)
13. (14). FC Dallas: 255 (+10)
14. (13). San Jose Earthquakes: 245 (-1)
14. (15). Kansas City Wizards: 245 (+8)
16. (16). Colorado Rapids: 191 (+7)

A very interesting month. For the first time since we’ve been keeping this table teams actually lost followers. Granted it was just one follower in both instances; @DynamoASN and @QuakesASN. But it is still surprising, particularly in the latter’s case. The Quakes have been performing better on the field since, well, since they became the Houston Dynamo. And nearby Silicon Valley should surely result in more tech-savvy (and Twitter savvy?) fans than in a place like Salt Lake City or Columbus (to grossly over-generalize)?

But it wasn’t just these two accounts that suffered. Growth was anemic or inexistent (0 new followers by @dcuASN and @RevsASN–the first time that’s happened too) in all but three accounts: @TorontoFCasn (the biggest gainer by far), @RBNYasn and @PhillyUnionASN. The Union jumped two spots and the Red Bulls are within striking distance of @SoundersASN, whom they trail by five followers–something that can easily be made up in the month ahead. @LAgalaxyASN remains far ahead in the distance but a paltry four new followers at least means it didn’t expand this lead.

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Oh by the way: Just in case you were wondering, ASN’s “mothership” Twitter account, @amersocc, which covers broader (not always team-specific) issues affecting the American game, boasts 1,341 followers at the time of this writing. Our Women’s Professional Soccer account, @wpsASN, is followed by 703 people.

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  1. The Midnight Ride Says:

    wow – congratulations Nate on RBNY….that's quite an increase since the first round.

  2. The Midnight Ride Says:

    wow – congratulations Nate on RBNY….that's quite an increase since the first round.

  3. Mido_z05 Says:

    Will there be a round 8?

  4. Owen Stirn Says:

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