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Manchester United Thump Sounders 7-0

Posted on 22 July 2011 by Kyle Alm

Seattle Sounders have lifted the hearts of their supporters to new heights, winnning convincingly against LA Galaxy (including Landon Donovan) in the US Open Cup, winning in Portland, and most recently defeating the Colorado Rapids in Seattle. Sounders were slightly unlucky in Los Angeles on July 4th when Montero had his penalty kick saved by MLS noob Brian Perk. Seattle has been red hot.

Seattle has set out to be a model franchise in MLS. Celebrity owners, star players, championship coaches, amazing fan support, the only thing that has really been missing has been winning anything in MLS. Sounders do love winning the US Open Cup and the birth into CONCACAF Champions League that it provides.

Manchester United has what Sounders want. History prestige, romance.

It’s forgivable if there were some fans who thought Sounders could make a game of it with Manchester United. Although the first team did play level to a Manchester United side without Wayne Rooney they missed big opportunities to score, managed to leave Michael Owen unmarked, not once but twice. Second time he may have been offside, but was saved by Keller.

It was impressive that Sounders had opportunities to score and were still in the match.

The second half, Wayne Rooney & Ji-Sun Park came on, several key Sounders were subbed off and things fell apart quick. Wayne Rooney being Wayne Rooney. Hat trick in under 30 minutes.

Sigi Schmid termed this his most embarassing loss as a coach. If the stakes are so low is it really that embarassing? Is it worse than LA Galaxy 2010? Also known as, “refund day.” There is nothing at stake against Manchester United. That said, it is still 7-0.

If anyone thinks that exhibitions are for anything other than building Manchester United’s International brand, introducing MLS to a European audience, trying out players (Ngassa is fast), showcasing players, selling souveneirs & concessions you can go right ahead and leave your comment below.

I forgot FUN! That was the other reason Sounders played Manchester United. Did you forget that reason too?

It’s probably a good thing that Sounders did lose 7-0, losing is a more powerful motivator. This could be the perfect loss to keep Sounders focused and on track in MLS and other competitions that matter.


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