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PREVIEW: Chelsea at Seattle Sounders

Posted on 18 July 2012 by Kyle Alm

When Chelsea was announced as Sounders exhibition match, the reaction seemed a measured sigh of disappointment with the exception of Chelsea fans. Despite winning the UEFA Champions League Chelsea was not a draw. Chelsea had been to Seattle in 2009, and with the notable exception of Didier Drogba, Chelsea remain much the same side.

When Roger Levesque announced that Chelsea would be his final match everyone wanted to be there.

Roger Levesque has probably given himself carpal tunnel signing autographs for fans post match and no one can forget his 48 second goal in Portland in the 2009 US Open Cup, or epic goal celebrations a la Lumber Jaqua and Scuba Steve. When Roger gets in the fans get pumped. They love him so much he was featured above all other Sounders in an ECS TIFO aimed directly across the bow of the Timbers.

It certainly seems calculated, Roger gets to play his final game as a Sounder against a high-profile opponent in a meaningless match. Not a bad way to go out, Roger has to figure on being close to retiring and he probably isn’t going to see the pitch in the remaining US Open Cup matches, CONCACAF Champions League or many MLS matches.

It’s the surest way to make sure you play, Levesque will probably get 70-80 minutes tonight, plenty of time to score and be taken off to a rowsing ovation from his adoring fans.

Aside from Levesque’s curtain call, look for Sounders to showcase their two transfer rumors, Fredy Montero and Alvaro Fernandez, to rampant speculation.


UPDATE: Levesque is not in the starting lineup.

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