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Moor heroics give Rapids dramatic win over Columbus

Posted on 06 June 2010 by pshea

Two organized defensive units grappled scoreless for 85 minutes at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Saturday night, but three key changes late in the game gave Colorado a dramatic 1-0 victory over the Columbus Crew.

1. Rapids captain Pablo Mastroeni left the field via red card in the 76th minute.

2. Also at minute 76, head coach Gary Smith had to burn his third substitute to relieve momentarily knee-addled Julien Baudet with Scott Palguta. This irked creative Claudio Lopez, who was ready to step on the field to execute Smith’s endgame.

3. On a free kick from Jamie Smith in the 85th minute, Palguta positioned himself at the far post before drawing defenders as he ran closer to goal. Jeb Zayner watched Palguta cut, and then he watched Drew Moor soar over his shoulder and spike a diving header off the line between the goalpost and Crew goaltender William Hesmer.

Player ratings

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest.

Colorado Rapids
Matt Pickens (7): Pickens organized his back line again to secure the shutout. At one point in the first half, Pickens, Moor, and Julien Baudet were very vocal and combative with their organization.

Drew Moor (8): “I think it went right over Scotty’s head,” Moor said of the free kick for the goal. “He had a couple bigger guys on him, and I was with one of their smaller guys, which benefited me. And Jamie put it into the perfect spot. ”

Moor explained the first-half dispute with Baudet and Pickens.”When we’re on the field,” Moor said. “it’s a war. We’re in battle. It’s important that we keep each other on our toes. We’re a competitive bunch.”

Julien Baudet, 76 minutes (6): Baudet played solid at the back, crunching tackles and only handling the ball loosely once in the second half instead of finding Marvell Wynne on the wing.

Scott Palguta, 15 minutes (5): Palguta maintained the shutout, and he attracted attention for the goal.

Marvell Wynne (6): Wynne didn’t attack much, pushing the ball too far on one dribble to the endline in the box. But he didn’t let the Crew get behind him (except for Schelotto’s golden opportunity later in the game).

Danny Earls (6): Earls bobbled the ball at different times throughout the game, but overall he was steady.

Mehdi Ballouchy, (6): Ballouchy had creative touches all night.

Pablo Mastroeni (5): The captain lashed out at Lenhart and created a hole in the Rapids midfield for their midweek visit to Chicago. Other than a sloppy square ball that could have easily turned into a goal, Mastroeni paired with Larentowics to dominate central midfield.

Jeff Larentowicz (6): Larentowicz stabilized midfield and maintained possession. For much of the game, the Rapids worked the ball laterally through midfield and along the back line. But it was hard to penetrate.

Wells Thompson, 60 minutes (7): Thompson cleverly collected a slip pass from Jamie Smith in the box and then cut it back to Omar Cummings in front of the net. But Cummings pinged the post.

Colin Clark, (5): “I thought he put in a fabulous shift,” Smith said.

Conor Casey (5): “I just didn’t think it was working,” Smith said of substituting Conor Casey. “For the first time in a long time, they had him bottled up. It was really difficult for him.”

“It’s a quick turnaround,” Casey said of the upcoming match in Chicago on June 9. “We want to keep our momentum.”

Omar Cummings (6): Cummings had defenders on edge, but other than his first-half blast that Hesmer saved, his attacks and shots were not threatening. He hit the right post off a Wells Thompson pass in front of the goal, stepping ahead of defensive pressure.

Player Ratings

William Hesmer (6): Moor’s goal would challenge any goalkeeper, and Hesmer saved a blast from Omar Cummings in the 36th minute (a lefty from the top of the box).

Eric Brunner, 55 (5): Brunner had one mistouch that forced him to clear the ball in the first half, but for the most part he helped neutralize Colin Clark and keep the scoreline knotted at nothing.

Jeb Zayner, 45 (4): Zayner replaced Brunner shortly after halftime, and he was rumored to be more of an attacking back. But he didn’t push forward, and he didn’t attack the ball when Drew Moor scored the game-winner.

Andy Iro (7): Iro dominated the air, and he joined with Marshall to muscle Casey out of his game.

Chad Marshall (7): Working with Iro, Marshall cooled off one of the most dangerous goal-scorers in the league. Marshall was tough in the air and on the ground.

Gino Padula (5): Padula managed Cummings and stepped up into the attack.

Eddie Gaven (7): Gaven was the most creative midfielder for the Crew, spinning strawlike situations into golden opportunities. Gaven stole Mastroeni’s square ball and orchestrated the visitors’ best chance of the night.

Adam Moffat (5): Moffat kept shape for the Crew in midfield, but his contributions were limited.

Robbie Rogers (6): Rogers shows the speed and spark to be dangerous, but he didn’t find opportunity against a well-positioned Colorado defense.

Steven Lenhart (6): Lenhart worked for opportunities, but he didn’t get a lot of service.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto (5): Creative one-touches and attacks, but Schelotto missed a golden opportunity late in the game. Mastroeni slid a sloppy square ball through midfield, and Eddie Gaven stole the ball and sprinted toward goal. Gaven cut the ball to Steve Lenhart, who rolled it to Schelotto left of center but deep in the box. Schelotto fired the shot high over the bar.

Emilio Renteria, minutes (4): Fouled Colin Clark moments after a hand-of-god attempt in the box.

Emmanuel Ekpo (6): Ekpo sparked the Crew attack when he came on, pressuring Danny Earls and creating fan anxiety.

Mike Lapper, NR: “It came down to individual duels,” Lapper said. “I thought we did well tonight, but sometimes it’s a cruel game.” “We’re passing the ball well, but we need to work on finishing.”

Rob Warzycha, NR: The coach stayed home to celebrate a high school graduation, but he kept in touch on the phone throughout the game, including halftime.

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