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Rapids romp at home again

Posted on 30 September 2010 by pshea

While Philadelphia Union forwards faded like ghosts, Omar Cummings struck twice in the first half at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Wednesday night, sparking a 4-1 Rapids victory.

Going all-in with three midfield substitutions at halftime, the Union reacted to Colorado’s dominance with prudence, if not desperation. But it didn’t matter. The Rapids positioned perfectly on defense, swarmed the middle of the field, and poured on speed and creativity for the crushing third and fourth goals.

Player Ratings

Colorado Rapids

Matt Pickens (6): The visitors took six shots all night, and Pickens saved one of two on-goal. After Kosuke Kimura chased down Sebastien Le Toux in front of the net in the second half, Drew Moor cleared the ball away, and Pickens snagged the subsequent cross.

Drew Moor (7): Moor took a beating, particularly in the second half. But he didn’t whine, and he earned Save of the Game honors with his goalmouth clearance.

Marvell Wynne (7): Wynne used his speed wisely and positioned properly. He also blasted a shot on-goal at the close of the first half, but the deflection for a corner kick marked the end of the period.

Kosuke Kimura (8): Kimura was once again a warrier who used speed to attack with the ball and strength to hold his ground when he positioned himself on defense. Kimura sparked the first goal by sprinting up the wing with the ball, pausing play, and sending a pass forward to Macoumba Kandji, who worked to the endline and cut in before delivering a silver-platter drop to Cummings.

Anthony Wallace (6): Wallace won balls in the air and on the ground, and he foreshadowed the third goal with his long free kick in the 11th minute. Lined up with four on the ball, the Rapids executed the either/or play. For this shot, the touch went to the left of the wall, and Wallace blasted it on-goal, forcing Brad Knighton to deflect it.

Pablo Mastroeni, 70 minutes (8): The captain started the game receiving iffy passes that put him in jeopardy, but he didn’t whine when he got crunched. In the 68th minute, Cummings suffered one of many fouls from Jordan Harvey between the posts about 35 yards out. With the four-man either/or alignment for the free kick, Mastroeni received the touch and blasted an uncatchable shot at Knighton. Wells Thompson swooped in to put away the rebound for the third goal of the game.

Jeff Larentowicz (6): Larentowicz and Mastroeni play central midfield like a sweeper/stopper pair. When one gets beat, the other supports and contains. The beaten player retreats and often wins the ball back right away. The Union midfielders never had much time to play.

Jamie Smith, 62 minutes (6): Smith’s attacking dribbles produced chances, and he blasted a shot on-goal.

Brian Mullan, 28 minutes (6): Immediately creative on attack, Mullan also kept the defensive shape. 

Wells Thompson (8): Thompson scored the third goal, and he also fed the ball to Kimura, who sparked the first goal. Thompson’s speed and controlled defending helped keep the game flowing fast for Colorado. (Fouls give visitors a chance to rest.)

Omar Cummings, 75 minutes (9): Although he had a few errant passes and missed a chance for a hattrick in the 53rd minute, Cummings was consistently deadly (despite an injured ankle). He earned himself space for the first two goals of the game, and he kept the visitors on their heels.

Quincy Amarikwa, 15 minutes (7): Amarikwa increased the tempo to close out the game, and he brought Kandji back to life. Amarikwa scored the fourth goal by simply sprinting into position while Kandji carried the ball, and he slipped with a similar play moments before the goal. His first run made Danny Califf look like a statue.

Claudio Lopez, 20 minutes (6): Lopez added a velvet touch and tempo while Kandji and Amarikwa flew forward. Lopez took two shots and changed the attack.

Macoumba Kandji (8): Although he faded at the start of the second half, Kandji was deadly and played a part in three of the four goals. His speed and touch were relentlessly helpful, and he didn’t whine when he got fouled.

Philadelphia Union

Brad Knighton (6): Knighton can’t be blamed for Cummings getting open and other Rapids players running too fast.

Danny Califf (4): Califf had a tough assignment.

Jordan Harvey (5): Harvey played hard, winning tackles, fouling, and getting forward. After he hammered Thompson, he hammered him again on the ensuing play.

Michael Orozco Fiscal (6): Fiscal was the most consistent defender.

Sheanon Williams (4): Long throw-ins make up for sloppy defending.

Fred, 45 minutes (3): Fred’s passes were too ambitious, and he didn’t win the ball in the middle.

Kyle Nakazawa, 45 minutes (4): Nakazawa didn’t add to the game.

Justin Mapp, 45 minutes (5): Mapp showed the most pulse for the Union in the first half, but like his fellow first-half midfielders, he didn’t take a shot at all.

Jack McInerney, 45 minutes (5): McInerney calmly pushed the ball forward in the 90th minute and calmly reacted to Moor’s sliding deflection and half-volleyed the consolation goal.

Stefani Miglioranzi, 45 minutes (3): Miglioranzi was not a factor.

Andrew Jacobson, 45 minutes (2): Jacobson didn’t take a shot during his 45-minute stint, but he fouled consistently.

Amobi Okugo (3): Okugo suffered a reverse-nutmeg when Cummings first-timed the second goal of the game off a corner kick.

Sebastien Le Toux (5): Le Toux flew down the wings and into the final third, but Kimura and the other backs denied clear chances.

Alejandro Moreno (4): Moreno fouled twice during his 90 minutes, but he didn’t shoot at all.

Up next

Following a triple-hat-skunk (three 3-0 shutouts in three consecutive home games), the Rapids won again by a three-goal margin. Colorado hosts D.C. United on Saturday night.

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