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RSL 1, Los Angeles 0 – Player Ratings

Posted on 10 June 2010 by Patrick McShane

Real Salt Lake player ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best:

Rimando: 7 – While the Galaxy didn’t produce a lot of challenges, Nick was up to the task all match long, particularly in the form of his late heroics to knock Juninho’s goal-bound shot to the side. Nick is silently beginning to rack up some crucial shutouts.

Russell: 6.5 – I was really worried about Russell at the start of the match as he has logged a glut of minutes over the past week and a half, but Robbie put in a really impressive performance. His cross to Sabo late in the match should have been converted for another goal as it was beautifully placed.

Borchers: 7 – Smart, physical play from Nat all match long. You could tell this match was critical for RSL as it was probably the most intense and dialed in I’ve seen Nat all season.

Olave: 6.5 – I can see why pundits around the league are impressed with Tristan Bowen as he has a nice combination of speed and size. That said, he was absolutely nullified by Olave’s own physicality and appeared hesitant to get in the middle and mix it up with the crafty Jamison.

Beltran: 7.5 – Tony is another player that’s also logged numerous minutes over the busy 11 day pre World Cup schedule, but the decision from Kreis to substitute him for Wingert made absolutely no sense to me. Tony was probably RSL’s best box-to-box player all evening, often assisting in attack and providing last-minute cover on defense.

Morales: 8.5 – Regardless of what some will say about the controversial goal, Javi was a beast all match long and deserved the tally. He was passionate and inspired while directing the offense and poured his heart into every minute of the match. While other attacking players had an off night, Javi was in fine form.

Grabavoy: 6 – RSL needed a steadying influence in the midfield and they definitely got it from Grabs. He wasn’t particularly flashy or spectacular, but solid. Probably deserved a goal late in the first half for his stunning blast that Ricketts barely knocked away.

Williams: 4.5 – Andy just seemed a step off all night long. Whether or not it was lingering issues with a hamstring injury or fatigue, it appeared that he struggled with LA’s physical play and couldn’t get settled.

Johnson: 4.5 – The first half was easily the best 45 minutes of soccer I’ve seen from Will all season. The second half? Disappointing. I don’t know what happened, but Will seemed casual and careless in the second half as he turned the ball over constantly and appeared lost.

Saborío: 3.5 – Easily the worst match Sabo has played in an RSL kit. Even when he was acclimating to the squad you could at least count on him to hold up the ball and distribute. Last night the RSL faithful didn’t even get that as Sabo couldn’t control the ball and lost possession repeatedly.

Espíndola: 6 – Overall it was a fairly lukewarm effort from Espy. He had a couple of close calls early in the match as his speed caused problems for Todd Dunivant on the right, but as the match continued he just didn’t seem to have enough energy to remain effective.

Wingert: 5 – Nice performance for Chris considering the fact that he is bouncing back from a chronic hamstring strain, but nothing really that noteworthy.

Campos: 6.5 – For all of Pablo’s struggles and deficiencies, he does cause problems for opposing defenses – especially late in the match. There were 2-3 times that Campos was able to physically force his way into dangerous territory and cause anxious moments for the Galaxy, particularly during the play that led to the winning goal.

Warner: N/A – Not much to note in limited minutes.

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