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One point gained or two points lost?

Posted on 03 June 2010 by jzidar

The Columbus Crew went into Buck Shaw stadium just days after losing the ‘Battle of the Best’ against the Los Angeles Galaxy.  Losing such a high profile match would normally be cause for concern, especially for a team that is heading out for a two game road trip.  A game of that magnitude brings with it a tidal wave of emotions and as would be expected the losing team often comes out of it with low morale.  But in recent years the Crew haven’t been the kind of club to let the odd loss or unachieved goal bring them down.







Bench: Gruenebaum, Iro, Oughton, Ekpo(Renteria 59′), Herrera, Lenhart(Garey 65′), Moffat

San Jose





Bench: Busch, Opara(Burling 76′), Leitch, Sealy(Johnson 60′), Sanchez, Ring, Glen(Alvarez 59′)

Tt was immediately apparent that the Crew weren’t dwelling on their loss to LA just days earlier as they came out firing on all cylinders.  Columbus pressed the attack and San Jose seemed content to sit back and defend while waiting to strike on quick counters.  The Crew were rewarded for the unmerciful attack just four and a half minutes into the match.  Zayner served the ball into the center of the box from the right side, it got knocked backwards to Schelotto who was lurking on the edge of the left side of the box. Schelotto took one touch to shake the defender and then fired on goal with his second touch. Joe Cannon stopped the initial shot but wasn’t able to hang onto the ball which rolled to the feet of Jason Garey. Rather than try and take the shot over the flailing Cannon Garey instead slid the ball across the six yard box to an unmarked Eddie Gaven who places the ball in the net from 3 yards out.

However, Columbus’ lead would be short lived. Literally just a moment later poor Crew defending allowed Andre Luiz to collect a badly cleared throw in at the top of the Crew box. Luiz then slotted the ball across the top of the box between multiple Crew defenders to Arturo Alvarez who managed to sneak the ball past William Hesmer and just inside the right post. Not even 6 minutes into the match and the game was already tied 1-1.

The pace of the game began to slow after the initial two goals and it wasn’t until the final twenty minutes did it really pick back up again.

The teams had battled back and forth during the  remainder of the first half and a majority of the second with neither team able to capitalize. Warzycha, looking to revive the Crew’s attack, inserted Steven Lenhart and Emmanuel Ekpo to add muscle up top and extra speed in the middle. With the addition of the fresh legs Columbus took the lead yet again in the 69th minute.  This time they scored in familiar fashion, with a Schelotto corner kick finding the head of Chad Marshall. Although, like before, Columbus’ lead wouldn’t last.

With just over 10 minutes remaining in the match a lapse in judgment on the part of Jed Zayner led to an unnecessary tackle on Bobby Convey along the left side.  Convey served in the free kick to the head of Scott Sealy who flicked the ball to the back post where it was knocked in by the head of Chris Wondolowski.

Columbus had a fantastic late chance when Rogers capitalized on a poor thrown in, collected the ball in his own end and was off to the races. Rogers blazed down the left side with San Jose defenders clambering to get back. As Rogers entered the box he caught sight of Schelotto running parallel with him on the opposite side of the box and laid the ball across.  Schelotto had kicked it into high gear but came up just short of reaching the ball and had to watch as it rolled out of bounds for a goal kick.

There is nothing wrong with taking a one point from a road game under normal circumstances.  However, considering that the Crew not only allowed San Jose to come from behind to level the game but they allowed them to do it twice.  Columbus has to look at this match as two points lost rather than one gained.

There are positives to take from this game. The ugly soccer Columbus seemed to be playing in the first five or six matches of the season seems to be a thing of the past. The team is making some beautiful connections and are doing a much better job of maintaining quality possession and accurately passing the ball around the pitch.  The defense continues to look shaky but that can probably be attributed to the lack of stability when it comes to the players starting in the back.  The changes in the attack seemed to be a large improvement.  Moffat has been quite ineffective in the past couple games and spent this match on the bench.  Renteria got the start along the right flank while Gaven was moved into the middle to partner with Carroll.  Garey got the start up top with GBS but other than his assist on the first goal he failed to have much more of an imact than Lenhart.

Referee: Jasen Anno, Referee Assistants: Chris Strickland and Paul Scott, 4th Official: Yader Reyes

Weather at kickoff: 72 degrees and sunny with clear skies

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