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Gerba scores on debut, but TFC fall to Columbus

Posted on 26 July 2009 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Gerba scored but it wasn't enough

After Chicago’s earlier result Toronto FC came into the match knowing a win will move them up the table tied in points with Chicago and a draw or a loss can see them stay at the bottom of the table. In addition, the Trillium Cup was on the line and Toronto FC had plenty to play for.

The Toronto FC starting lineup saw a few changes due to injury and the addition of players to the roster.
Keeper: Stefan Frei
Defenders: Marvel Wynne, Adrian Serioux, Jim Brennan, Nick Garcia
Midfielders: Pablo Vitti, Amado Guevara, Carl Robinson, Dwayne De Rosario, Chad Barrett
Forward: Ali Gerba,

An entertaining half to start the game off with chances coming from both sides, Columbus had the greater number of chances but did not capitalize till the opening goal. Toronto FC responded within minutes to keep the game in play. Both teams suffered yellow cards in the first half which will keep these players on their toes in the second half in order not to obtain another.

The second half saw Toronto go ahead with a goal from Gerba who scored his first MLS goal in his debut. The Crew was able to answer back later on with two goals to win the match. The chances were there from both teams but at the end Columbus was able to capitalize in the vital moments of the game.

Toronto came short and went on to lose the game late on. It will be an unfortunate blow as they had all 3 points secured up to midway through the second half. TFC will not want to look back at this performance as it will remind them of their last two seasons in MLS when they saw plenty of their games lost or tied in the dying minutes of the game.

Final Score: Toronto FC 2, Columbus Crew 3

The Reds will now head home to face the Puerto Rico Islanders on Wednesday in their first match-up for the Preliminary round of the CONCACAF Champions League. In order for TFC to keep their chances of advancing to the next round alive, they must get the win; keep their goals-for at a maximum, and their goals-against at a minimum. After that, Toronto will head to New England to face the Revs on Saturday for their next MLS game.

Toronto FC Ratings for players from 1 (low) to 10 (high), ranked by position:

Stefan Frei: 6.5
He had plenty to do with many easy saves throughout the game, but was unable to keep Toronto in the game when it mattered.

Marvell Wynne: 6.5
He did well to start the game and create chances for Toronto but was not able to continue the form in the second half and possibly cost Toronto the Trillium cup with the third goal.

Adrian Serioux: 7
Good form back from injury, not many mistakes. Took a knock in the second half but stuck through to the end.

Nick Garcia: 7
Did well over all, but did not seem to control his defense like he usually does.

Jim Brennan:  7.5
Did well, and moved up to midfield after the injury of Guevara and the entry of Velez. A few great passes which created some chances.

Dwayne De Rosario:  8
A well taken goal, and he created plenty of danger.

Amado Guevara: N/A
Did not see much action after getting a knock early in the first half, he had minimum impact.

Carl Robinson:  6.5
Late tackle to earn himself a yellow card, some mistakes with his passes today. But went on to improve his performance.

Chad Barrett: 7
Showed his presence did his best with the chances given to him. Great play with Gerba to give Gerba his first MLS goal.

Pablo Vitti: 8
Continued his improved form and played well over all. Created some plays and chances for Toronto.

Ali Gerba: 7.5
My expectations are still higher for him, seems like he lacks a little fitness. But nothing will take away from his solid play to hold the ball and his well taken goal.

Subs Used:
Marco Velez: 7.5
Another one of his better games, it will give the coaches more confidence in him. He couldn’t do much about the second goal as it caught everyone off guard.

O’Brian White: N/A
Came on for Barrett to make his MLS debut; he had a few touches with the ball but still seems uncomfortable.  

Danny Dichio: N/A
Came on for Gerba and was on for a few minutes, had a few touches with the ball but not enough to make an impact this late in the game.

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Gerba, White debut as TFC lose to River Plate on PKs

Posted on 23 July 2009 by Mahmoud Shoblaq

Toronto FC came into this friendly match after a disappointing draw against Houston on Saturday. The River Plate match gave TFC’s young players a chance to play a full professional match. Some players saw action for the first time this season, while others went the 90 minute distance for the first time.

As such, Toronto’s starting lineup saw several changes:
Keeper: Brian Edwards
Defenders: Marvell Wynne, Emmanuel Gomez, Marco Velez, Jim Brennan
Midfielders: Pablo Vitti, Amado Guevara, Carl Robinson, Gabe Gala
Forwards: Ali Gerba, Dwayne De Rosario

The first half was very dull, with the better of chances coming from Toronto FC. There was a definite disappointment as their chances were not put in the back of the net. TFC seemed relaxed at the start, which saw them possess more of the ball. River Plate on the other hand came strong and physical, trying shots from all angles none of which caused significant danger to Brian Edwards’ goal.

The second half was just as dull as the first, yet Toronto was kept on their toes as River Plate emerged stronger from the break, holding possession and creating pressure throughout.

It was an overall disappointing performance from Toronto FC, considering the fact that they were the better team. The chances should have been taken well when given; which would have led to a result in their favor.

Regulation Time Score: Toronto FC 0, River Plate 0
Penalty Kicks Score: Toronto FC 3, River Plate 4

The Reds will now head to Columbus to face the Columbus Crew for the last match up of their rivalry this season and the Trillium Cup decider. This will be another chance for Toronto to win some silver wear this season after losing to River Plate for their chance to capture the Carlsberg Cup. Toronto FC in their history so far has only managed to captured one title, that being the 2009Voyageurs Cup after winning the Canadian Championship.

Toronto FC ratings for players from 1 (low) to 10 (high), ranked by position:

Brian Edwards: 7
Was not tested much but was there when needed. When it came to the penalties he guessed every shot and was no where near them.

Marvell Wynne: 8
Did a lot of work up and down the field, his usual strong play. Saw a lot of the ball when he was in the game.

Nana Attakora: 7.5
Usual solid defending was hurt later on and taken off.

Nick Garcia: 7.5
Came on in the second half showed his usual controlling performance, and topped it off with a well taken penalty.

Emmanuel Gomez: 7.5
Great play by the youngster, small mistakes but recovered well.

Marco Velez: 7
One of his better games, will give the coaches some confidence in him. Had a lot of pressure on his back when stepping up to take the penalty, but should have done better.

Jim Brennan:  7.5
Usual performance, solid overall.

Carl Robinson:  7.5
Controlled the game well in the middle very vocal as usual. An unfortunate missed chance for him.

Amado Guevara: 7
One of his better games got his passes and crosses to the intended target but still could have done better overall.

Gabe Gala: 7
Was nervous and it showed, but had some good plays, unfortunate yellow card he did not deserve it. A missed chance in the second half will leave him disappointed.

Dwayne De Rosario:  8
As usual will always try to play well, and he had a great game even though he was let down a few times by his team.

Pablo Vitti: 8.5
Captained Toronto for the day, definitely gave him some confidence. One of his best performances for Toronto. He should have done better with his penalty. But he still got himself the Man of the Match recognition.

Chad Barrett: 7
Held the ball well, created some chances; no one was there to meet them. Took his penalty well.

Danny Dichio: 6.5
Made his presence felt, may have deserved a penalty for one of the challenges against him but the referee saw nothing in it. Nothing special today and no obvious chances, but definitely should have done better with his penalty and he knows it.

Ali Gerba: 6.5
My expectations were higher for him, a few missed chances that should have been in the back of the net. Made up for it with a well taken penalty.

O’Brian White: 6.5
I did not expect much from him coming off an injury, but he contributed well for his first game and created some danger. Nothing special though could have done better.

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