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US Open preliminary round win over Philly: The player reactions

Posted on 28 April 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN spoke severeal Red Bulls players after Tuesday’s US Open Cup win over Philadelphia Union. Here are their reactions:

Chris Albright
On his injury status: “This was sort of my litmus test, so to speak, to see where I’m at. I felt pretty good.”

On the Bulls “JV” team defeating a Union side made up mainly of first-teamers:
“I was talking to one of the guys on New England today who I’m friends with and I was telling him the lineup. He said ‘you know there’s six, seven, eight guys that would be starters on other teams right now.’ So I think that kind of speaks for our depth. The way this league is set up with so many games and open cups and friendlies and stuff, you need to have guys ready to step in and spell the first team guys and push the first team guys. So it’s a good situation.”

Tony Tchani
On his pre-match prediction that the Red Bulls would defeat the Union five times out of five if it came to that:
“I didn’t say I was sure. I said ‘I think’. If we played them five times, we would win five times. I didn’t say ‘I was sure.'”

Did he still think so?
“I think so. I think.”

Juan Agudelo:

“I felt I did pretty well but as a forward I feel like I had to score…I was making the runs but I wasn’t given that chance. Sometimes you have to get lucky some games and I understand that.”

“In practice I had like an incident where the goalie, 50/50, and the goalie knee’d my stomach and I went to the hospital this morning to check if anything was serious but it wasn’t that serious, just really bad bruising.”

“I think we could have scored about six. You gotta get lucky some times. I had a shot and it was going in but out of nowhere some defender from Philadelphia blocked it. I was sure it was going in but it was just a matter of luck sometimes.”

Conor Chinn:

“We all have a good understanding of how we play because we’ve played a good amount of reserve games. We play in practice, we play with the first team. It’s not like segregated or anything like that.”

“I scored two goals which is good but I had numerous opportunities that I should have put…the team got the win, which I’m very happy about.”

“Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I’m just happy with my two [goals] right now but you gotta keep pushing for more every game.”

“It feels good to score in front of the fans. I think they’ve been waiting to see me so it’s good that I was able to have a good performance tonight.”

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