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US Open preliminary round win over Philly: The player reactions

Posted on 28 April 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN spoke severeal Red Bulls players after Tuesday’s US Open Cup win over Philadelphia Union. Here are their reactions:

Chris Albright
On his injury status: “This was sort of my litmus test, so to speak, to see where I’m at. I felt pretty good.”

On the Bulls “JV” team defeating a Union side made up mainly of first-teamers:
“I was talking to one of the guys on New England today who I’m friends with and I was telling him the lineup. He said ‘you know there’s six, seven, eight guys that would be starters on other teams right now.’ So I think that kind of speaks for our depth. The way this league is set up with so many games and open cups and friendlies and stuff, you need to have guys ready to step in and spell the first team guys and push the first team guys. So it’s a good situation.”

Tony Tchani
On his pre-match prediction that the Red Bulls would defeat the Union five times out of five if it came to that:
“I didn’t say I was sure. I said ‘I think’. If we played them five times, we would win five times. I didn’t say ‘I was sure.'”

Did he still think so?
“I think so. I think.”

Juan Agudelo:

“I felt I did pretty well but as a forward I feel like I had to score…I was making the runs but I wasn’t given that chance. Sometimes you have to get lucky some games and I understand that.”

“In practice I had like an incident where the goalie, 50/50, and the goalie knee’d my stomach and I went to the hospital this morning to check if anything was serious but it wasn’t that serious, just really bad bruising.”

“I think we could have scored about six. You gotta get lucky some times. I had a shot and it was going in but out of nowhere some defender from Philadelphia blocked it. I was sure it was going in but it was just a matter of luck sometimes.”

Conor Chinn:

“We all have a good understanding of how we play because we’ve played a good amount of reserve games. We play in practice, we play with the first team. It’s not like segregated or anything like that.”

“I scored two goals which is good but I had numerous opportunities that I should have put…the team got the win, which I’m very happy about.”

“Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I’m just happy with my two [goals] right now but you gotta keep pushing for more every game.”

“It feels good to score in front of the fans. I think they’ve been waiting to see me so it’s good that I was able to have a good performance tonight.”

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Chinn brace sees Baby Bulls past Philly in USOC prelim (updated with player ratings)

Posted on 27 April 2010 by Nathaniel E. Baker

New York Red Bulls rookie Conor Chinn has reasons to smile. Two of them, in fact, for the number of goals he scored for his team in Tuesday night’s frigid US Open Cup play-in game against the Philadelphia Union at Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls fielded a squad made up almost entirely of second-stringers, but still dominated the match against the Union, who played almost all starters. In the end the 2-1 scoreline did no justice to the team’s performance–probably its best of the season.

Enjoy this photo of Chinn celebrating one of his goals with teammate Andrew Boyens. Listen to Hans Backe’s postgame press conference, if you haven’t already or skip to the player ratings at the bottom of this page.

Andrew Boyens congratulates Conor Chinn on one of his goals Tuesday night ©Scott Marsh/ASN

Player Ratings

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest.

Greg Sutton 5.5
Looked a bit stiff. And there was the goal, which he should have done more to prevent. Bouna Time will return.

Luke Sassano: 7
Played well. The assist was a thing of beauty. Easily the team’s best goal of the season. Clearly has skills. Also did well after being switched to centerback though there were one or two moments late in the match where he was caught flat footed.

Carlos Mendes: 5
Didn’t make any egregious mistakes but did not look at all comfortable out there. Didn’t move well. Clearly not match fit. Would expect him to be the first player cut at this point.

Andrew Boyens: 7
Solid. Didn’t notice any crucial errors (but will probably need to see a replay of Sebastien Le Toux’ goal to be sure. Seemed to move a little better than I remember.

Danleigh Borman: 7.5
Shut his side of the field down and also provided good service to the attack. Made some nice runs. A serviceable left midfielder or left back for sure.

Sinisa Ubiparipovic: 5
Yeah he got an assist on the second goal but it was Stammler and Sassano (and obviously Chinn) who did the heavy lifting. Did a few things right but more often than not seemed to be holding up the flow of the team’s passing game. Also blew what would have been a 3-on-1 in the second half and had several other chances go wanting.

Seth Stammler: 8.5
Provided leadership, poise and serenity to the team’s game. A pillar in defensive midfield and additionally a lynchpin for its attacks. This would have been a completely different game without him–and not in a good way. The man of the match. Now why isn’t he starting again?

Tony Tchani: 8
After a few nervous moments in the opening minutes he came on strong. Dominated the flow of the game at times. This is a guy who has size, strength, but also solid technical ability and vision to boot. A Jozy Altidore of the midfield–if he were five or six years younger. Even so, he could be a dominant player in MLS, perhaps even soon.

Brian Nielsen: 6.5
Had some nice moves in the early going but ran out of gas. Also got a bit sloppy and generally seems to lack creativity. Perhaps that is also due to not knowing his teammates well yet. Needs to get match fit. It’ll come.

Juan Agudelo: 6
Not a bad first start but would have liked to see more of him. Seemed tentative, which it turns out was due to a knock he picked up in practice. “A collision with the goalkeeper” that had him in the hospital for stomach tests Tuesday morning. Turns out it was just badly bruised. Showed excellent ball and body control though. Will be a special player someday. Kid’s only 17, remember.

Conor Chinn: 7
The weird thing about Chinn is he does not stand out for his pace or skill on the ball or even his size–just his ability to score goals. We saw this in the preseason. He simply has a nose for goal and is able to do what it takes, whether by hook or crook, to get the ball into the net. Both goals were examples of this: him making the run, getting himself in position, then seeing the play through. Of course he also missed plenty of chances too, particularly in the second half. Should have ended up with four or five goals.

Albright: 8
Looked very solid at right back. Defended very well. Broke up plays and stayed in front of his man. In other words: all the stuff Jeremy Hall is unable to do. Looking forward to seeing him start the San Jose game next week.

Woly: 4
Looked a bit lost. Did nothing to contribute to the team’s attack and was tentative when he did have the ball. Perhaps still nursing injuries.

Da Luz: 4
That backheel was nice but otherwise disappointed. Didn’t even seem to keep his position. Misplayed several balls. It’s hard to come into a game cold but was expecting more from him.

Garcia: N/A
Kid has pace though. Could be a good player some day.

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Match Facts

Philadelphia Union at New York Red Bulls, April 27, 2009
Lamar Hunt US Open play-in game

Scoring Summary
NY — Conor Chinn (unassisted) 16
NY — Conor Chinn (Sassano, Ubiparipovic) 41
PHI — Sébastien Le Toux (Arrieta) 68

Misconduct Summary
PHI — Jacobson (yellow card) 31
NY — Borman (yellow card) 66
NY — Boyens (yellow card) 81


Philadelphia: Seitz, Salinas, Orozco, Califf, Stahl (Arrieta), Torres (Moreno), Jacobson, Okugo, Zimmerman (Miglioranizi), Mwanga, McInerney (Le Toux).

New York: Sutton, Sassano, Mendes (Albright), Boyens, Borman, Ubiparipovic (García), Stammler, Tchani, Nielsen (da Luz), Agudelo (Wolyniec), Chinn.

Attendance: 3,015

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Kandji out at least 2 months; who gets a chance to step in?

Posted on 21 April 2010 by ASN Staff

The New York Red Bulls announced today, April 21, that midfielder/forward Macoumba Kandji would undergo foot surgery and miss 8-12 weeks. Kandji broke the fifth metatarsal in his right foot in training April 20 and was due for surgery at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery.

The injury is a blow to the team, as Kandji started all four regular season games this season. He scored the winning goal against Seattle on March 27 in the Red Bulls’ first away win in nearly two years. Otherwise, his performances were mixed. His player ratings were 4.5 for the season opener against the Chicago Fire, 8 for the aforementioned Seattle match, 6 for the loss at Chivas on April 10 and 5.5 for Saturday’s victory over FC Dallas. This works out to an average rating of exactly 6. (Of course the ratings are entirely subjective so take them with a grain of salt if you don’t already. But for what it’s worth, his Metrofanatic.com rating, which is voted on by fans, is 5.6).

The question becomes who should step in to fill the 6’4-sized void left by Mac, who has started at both forward and left midfield this year? Have your say in the poll below. Then read our take below that.

[polldaddy poll=3089745]

ASN’s take:
With the arrival of Salou Ibrahim, Kandji’s days at forward were numbered anyway. While Ibrahim has not impressed in his limited time on the pitch so far, Hans Backe has given every indication he will let the Ghanaian play his way into shape as a starter alongside Juan Pablo Angel.

That leaves left midfield, where Kandji was effectively keeping the spot warm for Brian Nielsen, who is reportedly ready to go against Philadelphia this weekend. If Nielsen isn’t ready, expect Sinisa Ubiparipovic, who has also started at left mid, to get the call against Philadelphia.

So from the looks of it, Kandji was about to be moved to the bench anyway. His presence there will surely be missed, as he can create matchup problems and provide spark as a late game substitute. But with the acquisition of Ibrahim, and the impending arrival of Nielsen, it does not really mean New York is losing a starter.

Who will take Kandji’s role on the bench then? Conor Chinn is the obvious candidate and not just because he’s of a similar stature. But Chinn has dressed for all but the very first game of the season and we expect him to continue to do so in light of today’s news. Kandji’s injury may have bought some time for John Wolyniec. Danleigh Borman will also see increased time and a regular spot in the travel squad if he doesn’t have one already. A player we’d love to see is Austin da Luz, who appears buried on the depth charts. But he should move up with Kandji out. Whether he gets a chance in a game is another matter entirely.

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Photo gallery: RBNY 3, St. John's 0

Posted on 13 April 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN was at the New York Red Bulls exhibition match against the St. John’s Red Storm on April 13. The Red Bulls won 3-0 on goals from Salou Ibrahim (penalty), Andrew Boyens and Conor Chinn. Red Bulls Reader has a proper recap of the match.

A few of our favorite photos follow, complete with snarky commentary (by ASN). The full set can be viewed on our Facebook page. If you’re already a fan of our’s on Facebook go directly to the gallery here.

no images were found

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Photo gallery: RBNY 5, Rutgers 0

Posted on 06 April 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN photographer Scott Marsh was at the New York Red Bulls exhibition match at Army on March 29. The Red Bulls won 5-0 on goals from Conor Chinn and Irving Garcia (two each) and Juan Agudelo. Red Bulls Reader has a proper recap of the match.

A few of our favorite photos follow, complete with snarky commentary (by ASN). The full set can be viewed on our Facebook page. If you’re already a fan of our’s on Facebook go directly to the gallery here.

All photos ©Scott Marsh / ASN

no images were found

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Photo gallery: RBNY 3, Army 1

Posted on 30 March 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN photographer Scott Marsh was at the New York Red Bulls exhibition match at Army on March 29. The Red Bulls won 3-1 on goals from Juan Agudelo (2x) and Conor Chinn. Red Bulls Reader has a proper recap of the match along with video highlights.

Trialist Damani Ralph also saw substantial time in the match and assisted on Agudelo’s winning goal. A previous version of this post was unable to identify the 20-year old Jamaican, who last played for Russian champions Rubin Kazan. Ralph was the 2003 MLS rookie of the year after being drafted in the first round out of the University of Connecticut by the Chicago Fire. He has been capped 18 times by the Jamaican national team.

A few of our favorite photos follow, complete with snarky commentary (by ASN). Even more of these photos are on our Facebook page.

All photos ©Scott Marsh / ASN

no images were found

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Backe says nine of 11 starters decided and more from media day

Posted on 17 March 2010 by ASN Staff

New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe today said he had decided on all but two starters for the March 27 opening day match against the Chicago Fire. “I would say I have nine out of 11 [starters] in my head for the Chicago game,” he told ASN. He declined to provide specifics but did effectively rule out a few possibilities.

Carl Robinson “is close to being a starter–yeah definitely.”

Tony Tchani “not probably as a starter–but he’s rather close,” said Backe. “He’s improving all the time I would say. I think the youngsters haven’t been through a preseason like this so they’re rather tired.”

Conor Chinn, “he’s good for goals. He’s always in the box. He’s a very brave striker.” But probably not as a starter either.

The team will in all likelihood play a 4-4-2 formation, Backe said. The Red Bulls are unlikely to cut any more players before opening day. “I think we are 21 players, so we are close…we have perhaps one or two players on the injured list if you look at [Chris] Albright and Kevin Goldthwaite.”

Ibrahim Salou is not signed. “He is just here for trial. He will play on Saturday against Santos and I will take a decision after that.” There are no other trialists on the team.

John Agudelo “is in the squad for us and I don’t know if they have signed the contract yet–but I think they will.”

Strike talks

Labor talks were a particularly popular discussion point, as might be expected. Players were extremely tight-lipped and did not provide any new information, preferring to defer to the team’s union representative, John Wolyniec. When cornered by reporters, Wolyniec tried to say as little as possible in as quiet a tone as possible, as evidenced in this video:

Be sure to view the other videos from media day.

Speaking to ASN later, he did reiterate the union’s resolve on the matter. “We’re pretty united–we’ve been talking about this for a long time,” he said. “There are certain issues that we really need to resolve as far as players’ rights go. We don’t think we’re asking for anything unreasonable. Hopefully we can get that done.”

Just in case there was any doubt, Wolyniec ruled out any possibility of kicking off the 2010 campaign without a new collective bargaining agreement. “We will not start the season without it,” he said.

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Photo gallery: Media day

Posted on 17 March 2010 by ASN Staff

Keith Furman and First Row Photos were kind enough to supply ASN with a bevy of photographs from the New York Red Bulls 2010 media day event. Here are just a tiny sample of our favorites, complete with snarky commentary (by ASN). For more media day coverage check the videos we supplied as well as this story.

All photos ©Keith Furman / First Row Photos

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RBNY media day videos

Posted on 16 March 2010 by ASN Staff

ASN is at Red Bull Arena for the New York Red Bulls 2010 media day activities. We will be updating this post constantly throughout the day, so be sure to check back often. Also follow us on Twitter, if you aren’t doing so already, where we have been posting photos.

Red Bulls GM Eric Stover introduces Red Bull Arena in cake form!

The all time First XI MetroBulls:

Here is footage from the intrasquad practice match that was played earlier. Just ignore the goofy commentary, keeping in mind these are unedited.

Practice Videos

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Red Bulls trounce TFC for Disney trophy

Posted on 27 February 2010 by Nathaniel E. Baker

The Hans Backe era is officially off to a great start. The New York Red Bulls defeated Toronto FC 4-0 Saturday night in the final of the inaugural Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic tourney. Juan Pablo Angel scored a hat trick and rookie Conor Chinn, a second half substitute, added the fourth for good measure. The trophy is the team’s fifth in its 15-year history.

Juan Pablo Angel ©Julia Harper/ASN

Besides this milestone, what stood out most was the manner in which the victory was accomplished. The Red Bulls dominated possession almost from the first minute of play. Before Angel’s first goal in the 23rd minute, it had several chances that could have resulted in goals. More than that, the team played an imaginative, entertaining style that should serve it well in its new showcase stadium.

Individual player performances also left reasons for optimism, none more so than Angel’s. The 34-year old striker appeared invigorated, in top shape and quicker on his feet than at any time since the team’s improbable run to the 2008 MLS Cup final. Roy Miller looked terrific as a left wing back and Joel Lindpere brought flair and creativity to the midfield.

After the third goal, the Red Bulls backed off a bit, content to defend and play breakaways, which is what teams are expected to do in those situations (less so at the start of games or with a goal deficit, as was the case with Juan Carlos Osorio’s teams last seasons).

The second half was also marred by a vicious foul by Julian de Guzman on Angel, which left the Red Bulls captain writhing on the pitch. He was able to leave by his own accord. De Guzman was shown straight red and seemed genuinely sorry about his act. Angel was treated on the sideline but the team offered no further updates on his status.

ASN will continue to monitor the situation. In the meantime, provide your thoughts on the victory in the space below.

Match Facts

New York Red Bulls 4, Toronto FC 0, Feb. 27, 2010
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex; Kissimmee, Fla.

Scoring Summary:
NY: Angel (Lindpere) 32’
NY: Angel (Miller, Ream) 37’
NY: Angel (da Luz, Stammler) 49’
NY: Chinn (da Luz, Tchani) 85’

Disciplinary Summary:
TOR: Nane (caution) 54’
TOR: de Guzman (red card, ejection) 69’


Toronto FC – Stefan Frei, Joseph Hane, Ty Harden (Gabe Gala 68’), Nick Garcia (Emmanuel Gomez 46’), Dan Gargan* (Marvell Wynne 46’), Jim Brennan (Vincent Kayizzi 46’), Julian de Guzman, Dwayne De Rosario (Martin Saric 61’), Sam Cronin, Kosta Bajic (Ali Gerba 46’), Peter Ijeh (O’Brian White ‘46’)

New York Red Bulls (4-0-3) – Bouna Coundoul (GK) (Caleb Patterson-Sewell 46’), Roy Miller, Tim Ream, Mike Petke (Carlos Mendes 61’), Enar Jaager* (Luke Sassano 46’), Ernst Oebster (Austin da Luz 46’), Joel Lindpere* (Tony Tchani 61’), Sinisa Ubiparipovic (Seth Stammler 46’), Jeremy Hall (John Wolyniec 76’), John Agudelo* (Conor Chinn 46’), Juan Pablo Angel (Irving Garcia 71’)

* – Denotes Non-Roster Player

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