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Expansion Draft: Salinas and Moreno now ‘Caps

Posted on 24 November 2010 by Breton Bonnette

We'll always remember this...

The pick of Shea Salinas is a heartbreaker. The guy is classy, a true talent that with a better magic sponge could have been terrorizing the flanks of any MLS defense on a more consistent basis this season. With that said, he’s gone but to drive things home even more, Piotr Nowak pulled back Chris Seitz shattering any “impartial facade” he was trying to put forward. Vancouver, three picks later, went for a veteran striker that had Philly fans split 50/50. Alejandro Moreno was gritty and hard-working but, at the same time, rubbed fans the wrong way with his love of simulation. We’re not sure why Vancouver wants 2 guys that can hold-up the ball in Moreno and Chivas USA’s Alan Gordon but overall, we’re pretty happy Moreno’s selection kept Andrew Jacobson here.


Portland takes…

Defenders – Eric Brunner (Columbus), Anthony Wallace (Colorado), David Horst (Real Salt Lake), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Jordan Graye (DC United)
Midfielders – Adam Moffat (Columbus), Dax McCarty (FC Dallas), Arturo Alvarez (San Jose), Peter Lowry (Chicago)
Forwards – Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake)

Vancouver takes…

GKs – Joe Cannon (San Jose)
Defenders – Nathan Sturgis (Seattle), Jonathan Leathers (Kansas City)
Midfielders – Shea Salinas (Philadelphia), John Thorrington (Chicago), Sanna Nyassi (Seattle), Atiba Harris (FC Dallas)
Forwards – Alejandro Moreno (Philadelphia), Alan Gordon (Chivas USA), O’Brian White (Toronto FC)

Let the mourning begin…Salinas was the first player to allow us an interview, excited as all hell to join from San Jose. He was married this past January and one of easiest to talk to in the locker room. Now he’s off to the West Coast again – this time a ‘little’ farther north – and ASN Philly can only wish him the best of luck.

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Expansion Draft 2010: Hoping for minimal damage

Posted on 24 November 2010 by Breton Bonnette

Guessing an expansion draft is downright impossible. Even more so when it’s two teams with bare boned rosters picking. The task of guessing what expansion squads need and what pieces they already have coming in is still ventured upon – almost begrudgingly – every year. It’s not fun looking around at which Union players many think will be selected but take comfort in knowing that very few of these consensus picks actually happen.

Let’s take a look at who – by the end of  today – will no longer be a member of the Union.

Let’s Talk Soccer

VANCOUVER: Shea Salinas, M/D, Philadelphia. (40k) Been impressed each time I’ve seen him. Dirt cheap too. Philly protects Andrew Jacobson after.

Salinas is a popular pick amongst the pontificators. Philly loses another however…in the last round.

PORTLAND: Brad Knighton, GK, Philadelphia. (40k) Younger option than Gruenebaum and I’ve enjoyed his play in New England and Philly. Competes with Steve Cronin in Portland. Philadelphia is done.

Fox Soccer/Soccer by Ives


The Timbers go considerably younger in goal than Vancouver, grabbing the impressive and undervalued Knighton to battle Steve Cronin for the starting job. Knighton beat out Chris Seitz in Philadelphia before being inexplicably left unprotected.

Ives doesn’t agree with Nowak’s “if one GK is left unprotected then both should be” approach and we lose Knighton first.


Vancouver general manager Tom Soehn was head coach at D.C. United when Jacobson returned to MLS from France and will pounce on a solid and reasonably-priced defensive midfield option.

WV Hooligan

11. Portland Timbers – Andrew Jacobson (Philadelphia):

Me: Getting some speed in the midfield would be good for Spencer, I’ve always thought Jacobson could be developed into a very good player when given the proper time.

So, as of right now, it’s Jacobson and Knighton getting plucked by “the majority”. Surprisingly, we don’t lose another in WV Hooligan’s Mock Draft. We’ll take it.

Canadian Soccer News

No explanations here but a couple surprises in Duane Rollins’ take…

PORTLAND: 5. Alejandro Moreno (Phi)

VANCOUVER: 20. Chris Seitz (Phi)

Moreno and Seitz? Would anyone have a real problem with this? Moreno still has a role to play on this team but with the beating he takes every year, I can’t imagine he’ll be having many full 34-game seasons with the Union.

MLS Soccer

12) Vancouver choose Shea Salinas, M/D, Philadelphia Union Salinas is young, cheap, fast and full of running. He hasn’t quite found a permanent home on the field yet, but is capable of giving quality minutes at right back and right midfield. Youth, flexibility and affordability make him the right pick for Vancouver.

Believe it or not, I thought the selection of Salinas would be more of slam dunk than it seems to be with those trying to get in the heads of Spencer and Teitur. And once again, pleasantly surprised with no second pick from the Union.


3. Brad Knighton, GK, Philadelphia – A better option between the sticks than either Cronin or Nolly. After his performances in Philadelphia, he probably deserves an unfettered shot at a number one shirt somewhere in the league.

As it all is undoubtedly a crap shoot, Knighton and Salinas look to be the two most likely to be selected. If you remember last year at all, however, the consensus picks are normally way off. In our collective Mock Draft for the Union’s expansion draft last year (a round-up of 9 of the blogosphere’s mock drafts), only ONE (Andrew Jacobson) was selected.

Get ready for a bit of a surprise today.

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Nowak continues building and “the List”

Posted on 22 November 2010 by Breton Bonnette

The Shavar Thomas cast-off keeps looking better and is still paying dividends 6 months later. Piotr Nowak – a couple minutes prior to the release of the Protected Lists for the 2010 Expansion Draft – made a move that could spell the end for one of the several defensive midfielders the Union have on their roster.

Columbus Crew stalwart Brian Carroll joins the Union in exchange for the Union’s 28th pick in 2011’s SuperDraft, the pick received for Shavar Thomas.  With a deep draft expected, the 28th pick could yield something for the Crew but at 29, and a former USMNT international, it’s quite possible the Union have walked away with a vital piece in Carroll to a future winner.

And now to the list…

The Protected

1.         Califf, Danny  (DF)
2.         Carroll, Brian (MF)
3.         Gonzalez, Juan Diego (DF)
4.         Harvey, Jordan (DF)
5.         Le Toux, Sebastien (FW)
6.         Mapp, Justin (MF)
7.         Nakazawa, Kyle (MF)
8.         Orozco Fiscal, Michael (DF)
9.         Stahl, Toni (MF)
10.       Torres, Roger (MF)
11.       Williams, Sheanon (DF)

The Unprotected

1.         Arrieta, Cristian (DF)
2.         Coudet, Eduardo (MF)
3.         Fred (MF)
4.         Jacobson, Andrew (MF)
5.         Knighton, Brad (GK)
6.         Miglioranzi, Stefani (MF)
7.         Moreno, Alejandro (FW)
8.         Noone, J.T. (DF)
9.         Salinas, Shea (MF)
10.       Seitz, Chris (GK)
11.       Zimmerman, Nick (FW)

Generation adidas Players (exempt from selection):

1.         McInerney, Jack (FW)
2.         Mwanga, Danny (FW)
3.         Okugo, Amobi (MF)

Initial reactions??

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Expansion Draft: A bit of a surprise…

Posted on 25 November 2009 by Breton Bonnette

Alejandro Moreno, welcome to the Union

Alejandro Moreno, welcome to the Union

The 10 are released and looking at this you must expect a lot of transactions in the next couple months. Steve Goff of Soccer Insider broke the story of Real Salt Lake back-up keeper and top American youth prospect Chris Seitz coming to the Union for allocation money. There must be some big plans ahead because the players taken were on the “cheap side” and many look like future starters…not quite 2009 starters (which really should be what we expect from the expansion draft).

“There was a lot going on behind the scenes that I can’t tell you about” – Piotr Nowak


CHICAGO: David Myrie (DF)

21-year old Costa Rican international. Only signed with the Fire a little over two months ago.

CHIVAS USA: Shavar Thomas (DF)

A big, solid starting centreback. 28-years old and a Jamaican international that has proven himself on the professional stage. A tad injury prone over the last couple years.

COLORADO: Jordan Harvey (DF)

A solid left-back. Spent some years in the reserves and was fantastic this season for Gary Smith.

COLUMBUS: Alejandro Moreno (FW)

Despite his floppiness (diving), he is one of the hardest workers in the league. Who would have thought that he would be one of the oldest picked?

DC UNITED: Andrew Jacobsen (MF)

Solid young midfield prospect with a great blend of defensive and offensive qualities.




LOS ANGELES: Stefani Miglioranzi (MF)

Kind of like Jacobsen in qualities but a player that has been a significant part of big teams. 2008’s Columbus, 2009’s Los Angeles.

NEW ENGLAND: Brad Knighton (GK)

When Matt Reis was out mid-season, Knighton stepped in admirably. He had his negative moments but if the Seitz rumors are true, it could be an interesting one-two.

NEW YORK: Nick Zimmerman (MF)

Young but very promising winger. One of the few bright spots of the Red Bulls this season.


SAN JOSE: Shea Salinas (MF)

Wow. I did not see this actually happening. No Convey and the right pick is taken. Salinas has a LOT of up-side. If his finishing improves, this kid could be a great winger in this league.

SEATTLE: Sebastian Le Toux (MF/FW)

Le Toux Legit to Quit. A slower – compared to Zimmerman and Salinas in my book – but very effective and versatile winger/striker.  On the young side as well.


So Union fans, what’s the verdict? Are you happy with the draft? Who did we really miss the boat? Sad to see not one area product picked? Assign a grade and support your choice in the comments section below

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