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Rumors: A new striker on the horizon. Luci wants Philly.

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Breton Bonnette

UPDATE (4/8/10): Steve Goff of the Washington Post has updated us once again on the possibility of Emilio coming to Philadelphia.

Apparently, the Brazilian is keen to strike a deal with Major League Soccer and, in fact, is on the verge of doing so. The only problem seems to be the compensation demands of his former club D.C. United. The 31-year old has already nixed playing for FC Dallas which leaves the only true suitor as the Union. Emilio is looking to link up with good friend and countryman Fred but differences in opinion are holding up the finalization of a deal. Philadelphia has offered a financial package and draft picks but United wants more.

Could it be that United will eventually settle but don’t want Emilio having any chance of suiting up for Philadelphia this weekend. Or, as Goff puts it, it could very well be that they want to get some value back after having to give up quite a lot to gain the first allocation spot that yielded Troy Perkins. If it’s upgrades to the Philly offer that United wants, you can expect a young talent like Jack McInerney or Amobi Okugo to head down south (which I hope isn’t the case). Either way, only time will tell…

What do you think? Would Emilio be a good addition to that front line or would you like to give our current squad a chance?

This came out yesterday via the ever-trustworthy Soccer Insider Steve Goff so we’re a bit late on the uptake.

The rumor is a big one, however. Former league MVP with DC United Luciano Emilio is looking to get back into Major League Soccer. One of the possible destinations is undoubtedly Philadelphia.

Coming to Philadelphia?

I am a firm believer that this would not be a good move. Emilio is only effective when he has the proper service which cannot be guaranteed this season. He’s much slower than Le Toux or Moreno and will do little to match or exceed the work ethic a guy like Moreno or Le Toux will provide. If we need someone, it’s a pacy counterpart to the likes of the hardnosed Moreno (think a Robbie Findley or Josh Wolff). Then again, Emilio’s goal tally speaks for itself with over 40 goals in around 80 games. Not too shabby (but he still needs proper service). In 2007, his massive 20-goal season came thanks to the generous nature of Christian Gomez (9 assists) and an impressively in-form Fred (8 assists). Could Nowak be looking to try and re-ignite that partnership?

On a side note – what is it with former DC United league MVPs? Christian Gomez, MLS MVP in 2006, just signed a deal with Miami FC in the USSF Division II while Emilio wasn’t deemed cost-effective as United opted (only three years removed from 2007 MVP season) to stick with the 36-year old all time MLS leading goalscorer Jaime Moreno.

So what do you think Union fans? Is it worth taking the chance on Luciano Emilio? What if we can get him for half of what he cost in 2009? Or should we stay the course and see what comes of the Le Toux/Moreno tandem?

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