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Photos from the 2011 MLS SuperDraft in Baltimore, MD

Posted on 13 January 2011 by tmclaughlin

ASNPhilly Photographer Terry McLaughlin is back for the 2011 season and made the trip to Baltimore to catch some shots of the newest players to join the MLS and Union.  Check out some exclusive photos from the SuperDraft here:

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Also, if you’re on facebook then check out our new page at: ASN Philly

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2011 MLS Mock SuperDraft Aggregator: Post-Combine

Posted on 12 January 2011 by Breton Bonnette

Here is the aggregated Post-Combine Mock Drafts with noticeable changes. The three biggest movers were Jalil Anibaba (UNC), Joao Plata (Liga de Quito), and Michael Tetteh (UCSB). Anibaba and Plata, I can understand, as they were largely two of the best performers at the Combine but Tetteh’s rise from #17 to #11 is a bit odd.Highly rated Perry Kitchen took over the top position after concerns regarding Nagbe’s desire to play in Vancouver arose.

A couple fell hard. US U-20 forward Omar Salgado – who didn’t participate in the Combine – fell five spots whereas Akron midfielder Michael Nanchoff almost kept pace, falling four.

Joao Plata had another Liga de Quito teammate join him in the first round projections. Victor Estupinan had a decent enough Combine to work himself up to #10, selected by Sporting Kansas City. The only other newcomer was Duke’s Cole Grossman, a player that has a huge range. He’s either relatively far up on everybody’s Drafts or off it completely.

We posted the Pre-Combine Aggregator earlier today. Make sure you check it out!

Aggregator Participants (8 total):

MLSSoccer.com Simon Borg, Jason Seghini, Travis Clark

SI.com Steve Davis

ASN Philly – Breton Bonnette, Sam Toma


SoccerAmerica – Ridge Mahoney

Fox Soccer – Ives Galarcep

Aggregated Mock MLS SuperDraft – Post Combine

#1 Vancouver Whitecaps – Perry Kitchen – M/D (Akron) [1.38, 5x#1, 3x#2] +1

#2 Portland Timbers – Darlington Nagbe – F (Akron) [1.63, 3x#1, 5x#2] -1

#3 D.C. United – Will Bruin F (Indiana) [3.38, 7x#3] +1

#4 Chivas USA – Jalil Anibaba – D (UNC) [6.25, 1x#4, 2x#5, 2x#6] +4

#5 Philadelphia Union – Kofi Sarkodie – D (Akron) [6.75, 5x#4, 1x2nd Round] -2

#6 New England Revolution – Zarek Valentin – D (Akron) [8.13, 1x#4, 3x#5, 1x2nd Round] +1

#7 Houston Dynamo – A.J. Soares – D (California) [8.50, 2x#6, 2x#9, 2x#10]

#8 Vancouver Whitecaps – Corey Hertzog – F (Penn State) [10.88, 1x#5, 2x#6, 1x2nd Round] +1

#9 Chicago Fire – Joao Plata – F (Liga de Quito) [11.13, 3x#7, 2x2nd Round] +6

#10 Sporting Kansas City – Victor Estupinan – F (Liga de Quito) [11.38, 1x#3, 2x#9, 1x2nd Round] NEW

#11 Seattle Sounders – Omar Salgado – F (US U-20s) [11.50, 2x#7, 2x#9, 2x2nd Round] -5

#12 Columbus Crew – Michael Tetteh – D (UCSB) [12.00, 1x#9, 1x2nd Round] +5

#13 New York Red Bulls – Michael Farfan – M (UNC) [15.38, 1x#8, 2x#13, 2x#18]

#14 Real Salt Lake – Anthony Ampaipitakwong – M (Akron) [15.50, 3x#11, 1x#15, 4x2nd Round] -2

#15 San Jose Earthquakes – Michael Nanchoff – M (Akron) [15.63, 2x#12, 2x#15, 2x2nd Round] -4

#16 Los Angeles Galaxy – Justin Meram – F (Michigan) [16.25, 2x#13, 3x2nd Round] -2

#17 FC Dallas – Cole Grossman – M (Duke) [16.63, 1x#7, 1x#12, 6x2nd Round] NEW

#18 Colorado Rapids – Stephen McCarthy – D/M (UNC) [17.13, 6x#17, 1x2nd Round] -2

Check back tomorrow as we get ready to bring the SuperDraft to you from the Convention Center in Baltimore!

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2011 Mock MLS SuperDraft Aggregator: Pre-Combine

Posted on 12 January 2011 by Breton Bonnette

With the Combine done and over with and all of the discussion surrounding who did well and who didn’t, we all wait for the final pre-Super Draft Mock Drafts to come out. We forgot to put up the Pre-Combine results, however, so here they are. We did them in the same fashion as last year – aggregating the best and most qualified Mock Drafts out there. Take a look below at where your favorite prospect is projected to end up.

Remember that this is PRE-Combine. We’ll try and get a Post-Combine up to see whose stock fell and whose rose before tomorrow’s SuperDraft in Baltimore (where despite the snow, we’ll be…).

Pre-Combine Participants (9 total)

SoccerbyIves.net – Ives Galarcep

Goal.com – J.R. Eskilson

WVHooligan – Drew Epperley

International Sports Network – Derrick Smith

Houston Chronicle – Darrell Lovell

MLSSoccer.com – Simon Borg, Jason Seghini, Travis Clark

ASN Philly – Breton Bonnette, Sam Toma

Aggregated Mock MLS SuperDraft – PreCombine

#1 Vancouver Whitecaps – Darlington Nagbe – F (Akron) [AVG 1.56, 5x#1, 3x#2]

It’s not like last year with Mwanga having signed a pre-Draft agreement that made him the unanimous number one. Nagbe is still the projected #1, by a hair.

#2 Portland Timbers – Perry Kitchen – D (Akron) [AVG 1.78, 4x#1, 3x#2, 2x#3]

#3 D.C. United – Kofi Sarkodie – D (Akron) [AVG 4.78, 6x#4, 1x#2, 1x#12]

#4 Chivas USA – Will Bruin – F (Indiana) [AVG 5.33, 4x#3, 2x#9]

#5 Philadelphia Union – Zarek Valentin – D (Akron) [AVG 6.33, 4x#5, 1x#3, 1x#15]

He probably would have averaged higher but somebody was under the impression Valentin would fall to #15. That skewed his average quite a bit. Still, though, 4 mock drafts saw him heading to Philadelphia.

#6 New England Revolution – Omar Salgado – F (US U-20s) [AVG 7.44, 2x#7, 1x#2, 1x2nd Round]

#7 Houston Dynamo – A.J Soares – D (California) [AVG 8.67, 2x#7, 3x#9, 1x#13]

#8 Vancouver Whitecaps – Jalil Anibaba – D (UNC) [AVG 9.44, 2x#8, 2x#9, 3x#10]

Ives Galarcep’s best performer of the Combine. Should move up in the draft.

#9 Chicago Fire – Corey Hertzog – F (Penn State) [AVG 9.44, 3x#6, 1x#5, 1x2nd Round]

Hertzog should move up after a decent Combine. Surprisingly, however, only 1 mock draft put him as a Philadelphia Union selection.

#10 Sporting Kansas City – Zac MacMath – GK (Maryland [AVG 10.78, 5x#11, 1x#4]

#11 Seattle Sounders – Michael Nanchoff – M (Akron) [AVG 11.00, 3x#12, 2x#8, 1x#14] 

#12 Columbus Crew – Anthony Ampaipitakwong – F (Akron) [AVG 12.78, 2x#12, 1x#11, 1x2nd Round]

#13 New York Red Bulls – Michael Farfan – M (UNC) [AVG 12.89, 2x#13, 1x#6, 2x#15, 1x2nd Round]

#14 Real Salt Lake – Justin Meram – F (Michigan) [AVG 14.44, 3x#15, 1x#6, 2x#17]

#15 San Jose Earthquakes – Joao Plata  – F (Ecuador) [AVG 15.56, 1x#2, 1x#5, 7x2nd Round]

At 5’3″ and with only the Combine footage to go off of, even with a good showing in Florida Plata probably won’t move up much.

#16 Los Angeles Galaxy – Stephen McCarthy – M (UNC) [AVG 15.67, 3x#17, 1x#10, 2x2nd Round]

#17 FC Dallas – Michael Tetteh – D (UCSB) [AVG 15.78, 1x#8, 1x#12, 5x2nd Round]

#18 Colorado Rapids – Ashley McInnes – M (Tulsa) [AVG 17.44, 2x#14, 2x#17, 5x2nd Round]

Post-MLS Combine, there are definitely some names that should be moving up this list and into contention – the most major being the dimunitive Joao Plata who was the Combine’s leading scorer and currently sits at #15 and taken by the San Jose Earthquakes. Surprising fact? A whopping six Akron Zips are projected to go first round. Impressive.

These obviously have nothing to do with team wants or needs but it’s interesting nevertheless.

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