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Football Partnerships launches regional networks

Posted on 15 April 2009 by ASN Staff

Football Partnerships, which bills itself as “the leading business-to-business networking group for football industry professionals” is launching regional hubs to better serve its upcoming functions. (p.s. by “football” they do in fact mean soccer).

The selection of cities was determined by local member concentration, travel logistics, and the presence of related businesses in the area.

For the initial phase of rollout, North America will be divided into four regions and Western Europe into five. Each region is comprised of two to six divisions, with some cities standing alone and others having partner cities, again, due to member concentration, geographic proximity, feasibility of travel, and demand.

The preliminary breakdown is as follows:


Region 1
A Boston-Portland-Quebec
B New York-Philadelphia
C Baltimore-DC
D Atlanta-Charlotte
E Orlando-Miami-Puerto Rico

Region 2

A Chicago-Ann Arbor-Toronto
B New Orleans-Nashville

Region 3

A Minneapolis
B Kansas City-St. Louis
C Dallas
D Houston
E Denver-Salt Lake City
F Mexico City

Region 4

A San Diego-Phoenix-Las Vegas-Los Angeles
B San Jose-San Francisco
C Portland-Seattle-Vancouver


Region 1
A London
B Manchester
C Liverpool-Dublin
D Newcastle-Edinburgh

Region 2

A Madrid-Lisbon
B Paris
C Barcelona-Marseille
D Zurich-Lyon-Milan

Region 3

A Copenhagen-Hamburg
B Brussels-Amsterdam-Rotterdam
C Berlin-Warsaw

Region 4

A Frankfurt-Prague-Munich
B Rome
C Napoli-Palermo

Region 5

A Oslo-Helsinki-Stockholm

Additional zones and regions will be added as the network continues to grow. Further, the organization of the zones and regions may change with membership trends.

To facilitate the organization of networking functions, Football Partnerships is seeking qualified candidates to serve as ambassadors, or Networking Captains, for each region. Regions with multiple city-partners (i.e., WE 2D, Zurich-Lyon-Milan) will have multiple FPN Captains. These individuals will be responsible for performing a support function to Football Partnerships Headquarters in New York, and liaising between Football Partnerships and local venues.

To apply for a position as a networking captain, interested candidates should send a brief email containing background or CV to info@footballpartnerships.com.

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