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The Good, The Bad, The Red, The Dead

Posted on 28 July 2010 by dkarell

This past week, New York Red Bull fans got their first chance to see the new DP signing, striker Thierry Henry, take the field for the Red Bulls. He played a combined 90 minutes over two games, and looks set to start and play longer in this weekend’s matchup against Houston. In this 12th edition of the column, we will be focusing on the Red Bull’s 2-1 loss to Tottenham last Thursday, and 2-1 win over Manchester City on Sunday.

The Good: The Red Bulls look very very good with Thierry Henry on the field. He helps link up the midfield to the forwards, his influence on the game helps the team play much smarter, and more patient, and certainly and most importantly, the Red Bulls look very dangerous offensively when Henry is on the field. Also, Mac Kandji played well off of Henry on both days, and since coming back from injury, he is playing with a lot of confidence. Henry scored in his first game on Thursday against Tottenham, and celebrated by pointing at the ground screaming, “I’m Here, I’m Here!” MLS beware, the New York Red Bulls are here and should be feared.

The Bad: The loss to Tottenham came thanks to defensive gaffes, the worst being from Jeremy Hall and the keeper Greg Sutton. Hall gave a header back to Sutton, but he hesitated coming out to get it, and it gave enough time for Tottenham left back Gareth Bale to zoom onto the ball and poke it into the back of the net. Hall played ok at times, but certainly looked a bit nervous and tentative at times as well, and its something he is going to have to work on if he wants to get back into the regular starting 11.

The Red: Despite bringing in three pretty high profile teams (yes Man City and Tottenham arnt Man United and Chelsea or Arsenal, but many people know them), the Red Bulls were still unable to sell out Red Bull Arena for any of the three days of soccer games. Even with Thierry Henry’s debut as another reason to show up, they couldn’t sell out the place. Part of the reason has to be the location, which is in the middle of no where, and there doesnt seem to be much in terms of major roads nearby to help alleviate traffic (the easiest way to the stadium really is the PATH train). Also another reason could be ticket prices, which in a down economy, could easily keep people at home, letting them watch on T.V. from their couches.

The Dead: Apparently odds makers put 40/1 odds that Henry would score his first goal for the Red Bulls with his hand.

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