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Union wins, Noone working his way on to the roster

Posted on 03 March 2010 by Breton Bonnette

Should we start the “sign him already” chants?

J.T. Noone at work for Temple

Temple product J.T. Noone figured into yet another goal in yesterday’s “training session” vs Mexican second division squad Universidad de Guadalajara. Brazilian midfielder Fred scored the goal off of a long feed from Noone, giving the Union a 1-0 win. As the team’s Mexican leg comes to a close, it gets more and more likely that the one trialist who could have a spot locked up on this squad is none other than local boy J.T. Noone. To add more fuel to that fire, what other trialist has found their way into Union press releases?

Noone should not be so much of an unknown for local fans. The All-American at Temple and Harrisburg, Pa., native has also showed his chops for Ocean City FC (a local South Jersey based PDL squad formerly named the Barons) and many Sons of Ben members remember his play in last year’s Open Cup match-up vs. DC United. Noone was one of the best on the field and for many people that doesn’t come as a surprise. In an interview almost nine months ago, Ocean City FC’s General Manager Neil Holloway told me simply,

JT Noone will be one to look for in the next few years.  This is his first PDL season with us, but I think this summer is really going to propel him and possibly help get him into the MLS draft.

Holloway was right about Noone getting to the draft but yet come draft day in Philadelphia, Noone went without a team. There weren’t any glaring remarks or deficiencies according to scouts or media members at the combine preceding the draft. The main concern for Joe Mauceri, head of Pro Player Pipeline and college soccer guru, was “My only concern is that his work rate is lacking and even more concerning is his conditioning. He needs to be in better shape for the MLS combine if he has serious interest in a professional career. I see him has a wide midfielder rather than a forward at the next level”. At the combine, comments on his fitness weren’t prevalent but more so the fact that he couldn’t do much to differentiate himself from the wealth of midfielders (the Amobi Okugos, Corben Bones and Tony Tchanis of the world). So Noone was overlooked after a combine where he just didn’t stand out. It probably happens all the time but now, with further nurturing and a LOT OF FITNESS (all thanks to Coach Nowak), he is doing what he needed to do at the Combine – stand out. 

One thing is for sure. Noone is starting to turn the heads of fans, coaches and players alike. Will that win him a contract offer? There are spots open and no one would argue the strength of the story that surrounds his inclusion on the roster. He has just over three weeks to make it a no-brainer for Coach Nowak and the rest of the Union staff. Think he has a shot? In true Philly fashion, I’ll always root for the underdog by predicting J.T. Noone will be a Zolo by March 25.  

Photo courtesy of Temple Owl Sports

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Union ties a blended Chivas squad, 2-2 [Updated]

Posted on 28 February 2010 by Breton Bonnette

The Union took a blended Chivas squad (first-team, reserve, and U-20s) on at the same MultiGol complex they recently played the Atlas U-20 squad, losing 3-1 on Thursday, February 26th and finishing the game with only 8 players.

It was a different story this morning, however. This is all pulled from a shoddy translation so please refer to the Chivas press release and correct me if I’m way off. They played 2 halves of 40 minutes each, no word on tactics, personnel (except for the goalscorers). Chivas struck first and the Union were on the backpedal most of the first half. They came out in the second half, however, with renewed vigor – pushing forward and attacking the Chivas net. The pressure led to a five-minute double salvo with two rookies, Jack McInerney (3rd of the postseason) and J.T. Noone (undrafted, Temple trialist) putting the Union in front for the first time. The Goats were able to equalize half way through the second half all thanks to Marco Fabian.

FINAL: Philadelphia 2, Chivas 2

11:30AM, Sunday, February 28th


Omar Arellano (CHV) 16th minute

Jack McInerney (PHL) second half (Zimmerman assist)

J.T. Noone (PHL) second half (Stahl assist)

Marco Fabian (CHV) 60th minute

If you can take any more out of that press release, please add it in the comment section! We are less than a month away from first kick…are you ready yet?

NOTE: If you haven’t seen it already, the Union have announced the forming of partnerships with area youth soccer clubs. Check to see if your old club team is one of the 18! The partnerships will include clinics, game day experiences, and all sorts of other good stuff.

UPDATE: The Union’s formal release on the 2-2 tie.

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Union scrimmage vs. Atlas U-20s gets a little chippy

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Breton Bonnette

The Union is in Mexico for their second phase of preseason and already there’s some drama!

According to the link below and my Spanish is horrific (not to mention Google Translate doesn’t help much), so bear with me and help me out if I missed any details. The Union are based at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) along with the Chicago Fire and will be there for the duration of their trip. The Fire have been rather open about the matches they have set up with Chivas among others but the Union still stays mum, providing only scant details about what they’re up to. So we did a little digging…

The Union played a training match vs. the Atlas U-20 squad yesterday, losing 3-1. It was a 10:30AM match at the MultiGol complex. Things got ugly apparently with three Union players being sent off and two for the Atlas U-20s. The match had to be stopped 12 minutes before time so as not to get out of control.

I’ll try to get details but it’s a vault down there. Most certainly can’t promise anything. An attempt to get some details was met with a member of the communication department stating, “Since I am not in Mexico with the team, I have no knowledge of any scrimmages or exhibition matches”.


Damn! A bunch of U-20 guys really ticking our veterans off? How are we going to be able to handle a leg-breaker like Dema Kovalenko if we can’t handle a chippy Atlas U-20 squad? Let’s not look too much into it. It was, after all, a pretty stressing day yesterday with all of the labor talk and the possibility of a strike. There really isn’t much to take out of this I’m sure and, at the least, it’s good to see these guys getting fired and passionate up in a scrimmage.

In other news, Alejandro Moreno was called up yet again earlier this week as the Venezualan National Team prepares to face Panama and North Korea next week on March 3rd and March 6th respectively.

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